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This past week I celebrated Christmas with my family. And in a few days, we will be welcoming in the New Year! Some of my friends have different beliefs and celebrate a holiday other than Christmas. So my wish for you is that whatever you and your families celebrated it was special in every way possible!

The holiday season is filled with special days where friends and family gather to celebrate. And oftentimes people travel so they can be together with their loved ones. Do you stay at home or travel? For us, we always stay at home because my dad has to work. It is the busiest for him during the holidays so it would be hard for us to go away. Sometimes we have family or friends come to visit and other times it is just us. But my mom always is sure to make our days extra special and memorable! 

This year my brother Eric came home for Christmas. And my grammie (my mom’s mom!) came, too! It was so good to see them both and have them here with us. It was especially nice to have Eric home. He is a great big brother and I love him! He was so happy to see me and my sisters. Although I do think he likes me best of all. When he is sitting on the couch I always get to snuggle with him . . .  which I love doing!

Soon we will be welcoming in the New Year. It will be the year 2020 which seems like a fun number to say! My mom always likes to reflect back on the year that we are just finishing. And think about the many things she is grateful for that happened throughout the year. Do you like reflecting back on the special events that happened during the year? I think it is fun to look back.

This year has been filled with many blessings for me and my mom. Oh, wait . . .  when I think about it I would have to say that every year has many blessings for us.  But this year there have been a few extra special moments. I will share a few of my highlights with you. This year my book was published, I started my blog, my mom and I got to go to some dog shows, and I finished three AKC titles! And you know what else? I am meeting new friends through my blog which makes me very happy! 

My mom and I are looking forward to the year ahead. We have a few exciting things planned. And I am sure there will be a few more unexpected surprises along the way. My mom tries to live each and every day to the fullest and embrace all that life has to offer. And with me by her side, we can accomplish anything that comes our way!

Wishing each of you a joyous and magical holiday season! And a very Happy New Year! 

I am looking forward to sharing more with you during the coming year. Remember to subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss any of my posts. And share it with your friends and family. It makes me excited to think about having more people following along as I share my adventures!