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Do you ever struggle a bit with knowing just the right way something should be done? Or when it should actually occur? That is my dilemma right now. It is time for a celebration but I’m not quite sure of the date when that celebration should take place.

I started my blog last May. A year ago. This post is number fifty-two. I have done a post once a week. So that means I have been writing my blog for a whole year!  

But this is where the dilemma occurs. My first post was published on Wednesday, May 8th but my next one wasn’t published until Monday, May 27th. For those first two posts, I missed just over two weeks in between. But after that, I published a post every Monday. 

So today is my 52nd post and it is being published on May 11th. But is the actual anniversary May 8th because of it being the anniversary date of the first published post? Or is it May 11th? See my dilemma? Maybe we will solve this dilemma by just doing a week of celebration during the second week in May!  

Have you ever wondered why I started a blog? With my book, Blogger Dog Buffy! Service Dog, coming out soon why would I want to write more? The book was going to tell the story about me becoming a service dog for my mom who has a disability. That surely seems like it would be enough, doesn’t it? Or maybe not.

As I’ve shared with you before my mom and I like to help others learn about the ways that a dog can help a person with a disability be more independent. The book was a dream come true but could there be more ways to educate others? A way to share more with kids and their families?

You guessed it! There was something else we could do. Start a blog! When my mom and I talked with our friend Denise she suggested the blog. That way I could tell you more about my job and the ways I help my mom. And what it is like for my mom to live with a disability. And show you videos of me working and just having fun!

My book! The reason for starting my blog!

It has been an exciting year of writing weekly posts for you. I have enjoyed telling you about some of the ways I help my mom be more independent. And about the regular everyday things that we do and the extra things like the dog shows we attended. I look forward to sharing another year with you!

And speaking of celebrations we had another one this week. A very special birthday celebration for Kippy! She had her thirteenth birthday a couple of days ago. With Kippy just turning thirteen she is three and a half years older than me. And I can easily say that she is a wonderful big sister!

My beautiful sister, Kippy!

Kippy mostly stays home and enjoys being a pet. She romps and plays in the yard and sleeps next to my dad. But she doesn’t get to go everywhere with her dad like I get to do with my mom. Or do fun things like going on vacation to Walt Disney World like me!

But Kippy does get to do something special that Roo and I don’t do. Whenever we get take-out she goes with our dad for a ride in the van. They go pick up our take-out order together!

As soon as we start talking about ordering food Kippy gets excited. She knows what is about to happen and is eager to go. And when dad gets the keys to the van she runs to the door. She loves her special treat of going with dad all by herself!

And you know what else there was this week? That’s right. Another celebration! Most likely one that you also celebrated. Yesterday was Mother’s Day! Surely a day to cherish. But for me, I feel like every day is Mother’s Day because I try to make each day an extra special one for my mom!

Happy Mother’s Day, mom!

So as you can see this has been a fun week of celebrations. Although celebrated in ways differently than we might have otherwise done. This is due to the continued restrictions imposed by COVID-19.

As I’ve shared with you before my mom, dad, and I enjoy going out to lunch. Either together as a family. Or with friends. Which means for special celebrations we would most likely go out to eat. But this year we stayed home. And found new ways to make each celebration special!