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A few days ago, I celebrated my 12th birthday! My mind doesn’t feel any older, but my body has aged. I am much slower than I used to be. And sleep much more, too.

My family all made me feel extra special on my birthday. Especially my mom! Although she and Clint went to a dog show and were gone for a few hours.

I was sad when my mom told me that she and Clint were going to a show. But happy, too. I wished that I was going. Even though I knew it would be too much for me.

But since I knew that Clint would be helping my mom to continue her love of dog shows, it made me happy. So having their first show on my birthday was special. I will let Clint tell you about the show in his next post.

I love my brother!

So while my mom and Clint were gone, I slept on the couch. And I also got a few extra cookies from my dad. But I was the happiest when my mom came home!

Even though I am 12, I have only been with my mom for ten years. I was just over two years old when my mom and I became partners. I had been with my puppy raisers for 18 months. And then with my trainer for nine months.

But these past ten years have been the best. I helped give my mom eight years of independence. We went on vacation a few times to Walt Disney World. And we even met my puppy raisers there so they could vacation with us.

My mom and I attended several dog shows. We earned a few titles and awards. And we got several Trick Dog titles, too.

My mom and I with her friend Denise wrote Blogger Dog Buffy! Service Dog. And best of all, I started this blog. Which has brought me together with all of you! 

Happy 12th birthday to me!

So over the years, my mom and I accomplished many things. And through me, she had dreams come true. Ones that she had only held in her heart with the hopes of accomplishing one day. 

I opened doors to opportunities she never thought were possible. And helped her realize that anything is possible if you believe!