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This coming week my family and I will be celebrating Christmas. And the following week we will be welcoming in the New Year. This is usually a festive time of the year. Filled with fun activities, parties, and family gatherings.

But for most everyone, this holiday season will look very different. And the usual festivities and family gatherings will not be happening as they usually do. 

Merry Christmas!

This will be my first holiday season with my mom and my new family. So for me, I don’t have previous years with them that are filled with traditions. Or that hold special memories. But I am sure this will be just the beginning of many cherished memories that we create together.

I do have memories from the past two holiday seasons with my puppy raiser family. And will miss seeing them and being there this year.

Buffy has shared with me some fun memories she has from past Christmases. And she is sure I will enjoy this special time of the year with my new family.

Buffy from last Christmas!

Although it will be somewhat different than past Christmases. Due to Covid my grammie, who I haven’t met yet, won’t be here with us. And we aren’t sure if my brother, Eric, will be able to come. So it might just be me, my mom and dad, and my sisters.

Are your usual holiday plans being changed? It is hard when our normal traditions have to be altered in ways that make us sad. Especially when family members can’t gather as usual.

But my mom told us that we need to find special meaning in the things that we are able to do. And look for opportunities to create some new traditions that we can hold onto in the coming years.

Buffy in her Santa hat!

Soon after Christmas, we will welcome in a new year. And hopefully, it will be one that leaves behind many of the difficulties we encountered over the past several months.

Although I do have to say that for me there were some very bright spots and special things that happened this year. 

Early in the year, I was sad to say goodbye to my puppy raiser family. But I was also eager and ready to start the next part of my journey. In February I began professional training. 

It was exciting to meet new friends and get to know my trainer. I was just settling in when everything turned upside down and changed.

All of a sudden I went from being in the kennel with my friends and roommate to living with my trainer. At first, I wondered what was happening.

But then I settled into this new routine. And discovered that it was actually kind of exciting and fun! I was learning new things and advancing my skills. My trainer thought I was doing awesome!

After a couple of months, I went back with my friends and roommate at the kennel. And continued my training. It wasn’t quite as exciting as when I was living with my trainer. But I was still with her so it was okay.

And then, as you know, the most wonderful thing happened. I met my mom and we became a team! I am very happy in my new home. And especially love all of the ways I can help my mom. And all of the fun training we are doing together.

I love my mom!

So as I reflect on this year, as often is done when a new year is approaching, I have to say that it has been a most wonderful and special year for me. I learned all of my tasks and skills to be an amazing service dog. And best of all I got partnered with my very special mom!

Wishing all of you a very joyous and special holiday season filled with many blessings!