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As a service dog, my days are usually quite predictable. A schedule that stays fairly consistent each day. With occasional variations here and there.

But recently, my days have been more unpredictable. This means I need to be flexible. And willing to adapt to the ways that are most helpful to my mom.

Some days she needs me to do extra tasks to help her as we prepare to leave the house. While other days, she might need me to rest patiently nearby while she has extra work to do at home. Like making phone calls or doing bookwork.

My mom loves the way I tangle my legs when I sleep!

And some days we might be away from home. Maybe for short, or sometimes longer, appointments. Or traveling to go see my grammie or my brother, Eric.

As I’ve shared in a few of my recent posts, many of my days have been busier than usual. Consisting of a few long rides in the van, extra appointments for my mom, and more errands than normal.

But the one thing that stays the same is my readiness to help my mom. No matter where we are. Or what she needs me to do for her.

On the days that we stay home, we have our regular schedule. And my day is predictable. Consisting of brushing my teeth, grooming, training, playtime, napping, and helping my mom.

We love going out to lunch with friends!

And some days include all of this along with a few extra things. Like an appointment for my mom, doing errands, or lunch out with friends.

All of these things seem normal. And expected. They just seamlessly fit in our day. Because it is the way the majority of our days have been since I was partnered with my mom.

But recently, our schedule hasn’t felt quite as predictable. We have had days where we’ve traveled more than usual. Along with days filled with extra appointments and more errands than we normally do. 

We have gone for lots of rides recently!

There have even been days where we had things scheduled but they got changed at the last minute. So we had to adjust our day to meet these new plans.

Whenever possible my mom tries to keep most of my regular routines the same. Like the times I eat breakfast and supper, get my teeth brushed, and do my training and my daily grooming.

But some days we take my food with us, so I don’t miss my supper. This way I can eat at my usual time. Just in a different place.

Oftentimes my mom will do some of my daily training while we are out doing errands. Or while waiting for her appointment. 

And sometimes, an opportunity arises while we are out that gives my mom a chance to practice some of my lesser-used tasks. Which we both thoroughly enjoy!

So no matter where we are or what we are doing, I need to be ready to help my mom. But I also need to be content to rest and wait during the downtimes. I need to be willing to adjust to every situation we encounter. I am adaptable!