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This is a very joyous time of the year! It begins with the celebration of Thanksgiving. And then moves into the anticipation and excitement of Christmas. 

Although, I do know that not everyone celebrates Christmas. However, I am not familiar enough to share my thoughts on the other holidays celebrated during this time. But I felt I should mention this so that you don’t think I’m overlooking events that are important to others.

For me and my family, this time of year is filled with love and special celebrations. We gather together as a family to celebrate Thanksgiving. It is a time when we reflect on all that we are thankful for. And as we look ahead, we will gather again to celebrate Christmas. 

Napping on Thanksgiving day!

My brother, Eric, joined us for Thanksgiving. And he will be here again for Christmas. We wanted my Grammie to come for Thanksgiving, too, but she didn’t feel up to traveling. Hopefully, she will be with us for Christmas. 

Overall, November was a quiet month for me and my mom. She had a few appointments with her doctors. But just regular ones and nothing out of the ordinary.

I finished all my testing and am happy to let you know almost everything looked perfect. One test was concerning, so my veterinarian gave me some medicine. 

I willingly took my medication. Although, I wasn’t too sure at first. But my mom assured me it would make me feel better, so I took it. And it worked perfectly because I am feeling much better now!

My mom continues to work with my sister. Tetra. Along with doing the regular obedience and rally training, she has been teaching her more tricks. Tetra recently earned her AKC Trick Dog Performer title! Even though my little sister can be a pest sometimes, I am proud of how well she has done with her training. 

Doing my blog posts on the first Monday of the month creates a dilemma for what I should write. Especially when there are holidays. As it is now, I’m telling you about the holidays that have gone by. Or the anticipation of ones to come. Maybe next year I will change my posting schedule.

In the meantime, I hope you had a very Happy Thanksgiving filled with many blessings. I also hope December is filled with laughter, love, and the creation of special memories for you, your friends, and your family!

 An older photo of me! My mom is hoping to get some new ones this year!