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On May 7th I celebrated my sixth birthday! My mom isn’t sure how I can be 6 years old already! But time does go by quickly and here I am already six! 

We didn’t do much extra for my birthday but enjoyed a special day together. I told my mom that every day with her is special. And she agreed with me!

My mom shared these beautiful words about me on Facebook so I wanted to share them with you!

Happy 6th Birthday, Clint!
We have been partnered together for nearly four years. During this time you have given me so much independence for which I will be forever grateful. The help you give me makes so many things possible that couldn’t happen otherwise. You make the challenges of each day so much easier. Seeing how much you love your job and how you do everything so effortlessly is a joy to watch.
Thank you for being my partner and giving me the independence to enjoy each day to the fullest. I love your eagerness to work and your sweet, silly personality!
Happy Birthday, Clinty boy!
I love you! ❤️

The photo of me that my mom shared with her Facebook post!

Sadly mom’s days with no “bumps in the road” have ended. She is grateful for the long break. And knows that these new challenges will pass. But at the moment she is longing for those easier days. Although, as always, she is pushing through with her positive attitude and a smile!

Have I ever told you how much I admire my mom? She spreads joy no matter what challenges she is facing. But she reminds me that it wouldn’t be possible without having me by her side. So I guess that means we make a good team! 

Because of these extra challenges, my mom is back to having more than just her regular appointments. Although not too many… at least not yet! There are a couple of different things going on so different doctors for each.

With one, it has mostly just been cultures, messages, and calls. She has an infection that is sensitive to the antibiotics they have tried but it isn’t clearing up. She is on her third antibiotic, hopefully, the magic one. Especially since these have all made her feel icky! 

For the other, she has had x-rays, an ultrasound, and an appointment at my favorite doctor’s office. They tell my mom that they need to see her but I’m sure they really mean she needs to come in so they can see me! Everyone there has to come into the exam room to give me pats and get kisses. I think they love me! 

But in addition to giving me lots of extra love, my mom’s doctor did examine her. It was decided that she should see an orthopedic doctor so we are waiting to hear when that will be. 

I know my mom gets tired of the extra appointments but it gives me a chance to spread my love and show off my amazing service dog skills. But I’m sure we could find other ways to do this besides medical appointments!

Napping on the cool floor while my mom eats lunch at Cracker Barrel!

We did get to go out a few times this month for lunch with friends. Which you know my mom and I love! We got to visit my brother, Eric, again and go out to lunch, too. And we went to a new bookstore that opened recently. Bookstores are my mom’s favorite place to go!

My mom and I have been enjoying the beautiful weather! She loves sitting out on our deck. My sisters and I love running and playing in our big front yard. Tetra, Roo, and I chase each other and play fetch with our dad. Buffy usually rolls in the grass and lays in the sunshine. She seems to love the warmth of the sun!

Eric at the MS Walk with Jimmy Cricket!

My brother, Eric, participated in the MS Walk today! He and some of his Best Buy associates walked as a team. Eric brought along Jimmy Cricket in my honor! Their fundraising efforts exceeded their goal which was a nice surprise and greatly appreciated. It was a beautiful day for a walk that took them along the coast and near a lighthouse. They had fun!

I hope you are enjoying the beginning of your summer. And are finding lots of special things to do. Enjoy the coming month and have fun!