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This week, many families will gather throughout the United States to celebrate Thanksgiving. Including me and my family!  Many people travel to family gatherings. Although my family always stays home. Because holidays are the busiest times for my dad in the kennel. He takes care of the pets of families who travel!

Thanksgiving is a national holiday that always falls on the fourth Thursday of November. It is traditionally thought to be a day for giving thanks. So I like to look back and reflect on the blessings my mom and I have had throughout the year. Like always, there are many! So I will share a few with you.

Earlier in the year my mom and I started doing some Therapy Dog visits for the doctors, nurses, and staff at our local hospital. My favorite job is my full-time one as a service dog. Although I must say I am also enjoying my part-time job as a therapy dog. 

I learned some new service dog tasks. And perfected a few of my lesser-used tasks. There are also a few tasks that my mom needs me to do more often, due to some decline in her strength. You know I love to work and eagerly perform them!

We went on a trip to NYC. Which was exciting and fun. I enjoyed the city but wouldn’t want to live there all of the time! My mom even got to meet her very favorite dart player!

My mom and I earned our AKC Trick Dog Elite Performer title. It is the highest level of the AKC Trick Dog titles. And one my mom had never achieved. So it was a dream come true for her.

My AKC National Trick Dog competition rosette!

We later entered the AKC National Trick Dog competition. Creating and performing our routines were fun for both of us. We even received a trophy, medal, and rosette!

My mom and I recently celebrated our second partnership anniversary. Which makes me grateful that we are together. Giving my mom greater independence every day brings me joy.

I helped Buffy celebrate her 12th birthday. Every birthday is special. But as we get older, they become even more special. Buffy has been a great mentor to me. I am grateful that she trusted me enough to let me take over as our mom’s service dog.

As you know, my mom and I do fun training games daily. In addition to strengthening my service dog skills, we work on competition-type foundation skills. This got us ready to compete in our very first dog show. Where we recently got our first Rally leg with a score of 99 and second place. 

Ribbons from my show!

My mom and I and our friend, Deb, went on a road trip not too long ago. It was a fun adventure. Although different than I expected. We picked up my new little sister, Tetra.

At first, I wasn’t sure why my mom was getting another dog. And was wondering what this new addition would mean for me. But I am happy to say Tetra has been a great addition to our family.

My mom and I still do all of our training games. And have the special times we spend together. I help my mom in all of the same ways. And go everywhere with her. 

I do love my sister, Tetra!

But I also get to mentor my sister, Tetra. And show her how to do some of the training games. We also wrestle and play together. But our favorite is playing chase outside in the big yard. Sometimes she is a pesky little sister. But I’m happy to have her with us.

So in reflecting back over the past year, there have been many blessings. And some special accomplishments for me and my mom. Our relationship and bond grow stronger every day. I am grateful to be my mom’s partner!