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This week we celebrate the 4th of July! And if you are reading this the day it is posted, we are celebrating the holiday today!

Some refer to the holiday as the 4th of July while others say Independence Day. It is an American holiday and one we celebrate annually. It marks the day that the United States became its own nation.

The Fourth of July is the day America was born. And is America’s birthday celebration. Thus the reason for barbecues or picnics, gatherings of families, parades, and fireworks.

The 4th of July is a federal holiday so lots of people have the day off from work. And this year it falls on a Monday. Making it a long weekend for many. 

But not my dad. Since he cares for people’s pets when they go away, he is extra busy on a holiday weekend. This means we are always home for holidays.

Does your family do any special celebrations? Or gatherings with family and friends? Often families have annual traditions. They might go camping or have barbecues or go to local festivals. And maybe watch fireworks in the evening.

Happy Fourth of July!

We sometimes go out for breakfast after my dad gets his work done. And later in the day we usually have a barbecue. Overall it is a quiet day spent together. Which is fine with me. 

It may be a quiet day at home for us. But not a day off for me. Because my mom still needs my help. Although maybe not quite as much help as when we are out and about for appointments or errands.

When referring to a holiday like Independence Day, it makes me think about the independence I give my mom every day. With my help, she can live her days more fully. And not have to be asking or waiting for someone to help. 

When she needs some assistance, she just asks me. I am always nearby and very willing to help. And never feel bothered or inconvenienced by her needing my help. 

So as we celebrate the holiday this year, my mom and I will reflect on the birthday of our country. As well as the independence I give her daily.