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Do you have chores to do? A chore is a routine task. It is most often one that is done around the house. And happens regularly. Like making your bed, cleaning your room, or clearing the table after a meal.

As you know, I do a lot of tasks to help my mom. But one particular task feels more like a chore. That is because it is predictable. One that I do every day at the same time. Well, actually twice a day!

When my mom drops something it just randomly happens. There may be days where she drops a dozen or more things that I need to pick up for her. And other days where she may only drop two or three things. Or just a few.

But every day when we are done eating our meal the dog bowls need to be picked up and given to my mom. So this is predictable and, to me, seems more like a chore than a task. 

I like helping my mom by picking up the dishes!

Do you help out with clearing the dishes from the table after you finish eating? It is a good way to help out your family. And work together to get tidied up after a meal. 

My mom sometimes has Buffy and Roo help me with picking up the bowls. She says that it is good to share the work and help each other. And they love having a little job, too, that helps my mom!

Buffy, Kippy, Roo, and I eat twice a day. We get our breakfast and dinner. We also get some dog biscuits. And I get training treats when my mom and I do our training sessions.

When I was a puppy I got to have lunch, too. But this changed when I was about six months old. At that time I started eating just twice a day. I liked having lunch but soon got used to just having breakfast and dinner.

Do you get to have a bedtime snack? My mom gives me and my sisters a cookie at bedtime. Well, it really isn’t a cookie but instead a dog biscuit. But it is a special treat so it seems like a cookie!