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Another service dog task I do is help my mom with the laundry. She is somewhat limited with how much she can do herself. And needs help from my dad, too. But with my help, she can do a few things that lessen the amount of work my dad has to do. Teamwork is awesome!

In my post, A service dog does chores! I shared with you the way some tasks feel more like chores. A chore is a routine task. One that is predictable. And often happens at the same time and in the same way, like helping with the laundry. 

As opposed to the random tasks I do that can pop up at any time and in different settings. Like picking up a dropped item, which varies in shape and size. Along with when and where it falls. 

So even though I’m doing tasks, they sometimes feel different to me. But no matter what I call them, they are very helpful to my mom. And each one that I do gives her extra independence!

I tug the laundry basket into the bathroom!

Our laundry basket is kept in the bedroom. So I have to tug it into the bathroom. Which isn’t a very big room. But I just push my way right in while tugging the basket.

Our washer and dryer are front loaders. And sit on a raised carpeted type platform. This makes for less bending for my dad. And puts them at a better level for my mom. But not as easy for me!

When I put my feet up on the rim I can’t reach the clothes inside!

Since the washer and dryer are raised up and sit close to the front edge of the platform, there isn’t a place for me to put my paws. Except on the rim of the washer or dryer themselves.

Putting my feet on the rim would be just fine. But it doesn’t get me close enough to reach all of the clothes inside. So I had to learn to stretch my head quite far inside. And sometimes I even have to put my front feet all the way in!

I have to reach inside to get the clothes!

Besides tugging the laundry basket into the bathroom I also do a few other things to help. I can get clothes out of the basket, out of the washer, and out of the dryer. As well as putting clothes into each of these places. And I push the washer and dryer doors closed, too!

When I get the clothes, I can hand them to my mom. Or put them into the washer, dryer, or basket. That sounds like a lot of different options. And some unpredictability, too. Doesn’t it?

Sometimes I even have to put my front feet all the way inside!

But we have a regular routine. And we each have our parts to do. So that makes it like a chore. Because they are predictable tasks and part of a routine.

Depending on how big the item is, it will make the decision whether I give the item to my mom. Or deliver it to its needed place. Some items are too big for me to safely put my paws up on the edge of the washer or dryer to either get them or put them inside.

As you know, I love helping my mom. And doing things that make her feel like she is doing her part with the family chores. Even though sometimes it is just a small part.

My mom has often told me that I should help fold the clothes, too. Maybe that will be a new task for us to work on next!

My mom and I made a short video for you!