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Do you have hobbies that you enjoy? My mom and I do! 

A hobby is something you do that is enjoyable and fun. Something you do for pleasure. Instead of something that is required. Like your schoolwork or a job. 

My mom’s favorite hobbies are photography, reading, dog training, and playing games. Although her very favorite one is dog training. And it is mine, too!. My mom and I like to do various types of training.

Retrieving my mom’s phone!

I have my service dog tasks. These are more like a job and required. Although I find them very pleasurable. We practice my tasks regularly. Especially ones that I don’t use as often. Or new ones that I am just learning.

But we do other types of training, too. You might remember that my mom and Buffy used to train and compete in dog shows. Well, my mom and I are preparing for competitions. Both virtual and in-person. We enjoy the convenience of the virtual title programs. And have even done a few. But we also hope to do some in-person shows. Maybe this fall… if I am ready!

I am learning the skills I need for both Rally and Obedience. Some of these require precise positions for where and how I need to sit. Or other positions like standing or down. And sometimes I need to stay in a spot where my mom leaves me until she gives me the next cue. 

My dumbbell for competition obedience!

I am learning some of the advanced obedience exercises. Like jumping, hand signals, and retrieving a dumbbell. Although my favorite is an exercise known as scent discrimination. There is a group of articles that all look the same. I have to pick the one that my mom scented with her hand.

For now, we are using flat round metal, wood, and leather disks. But when my mom saves up enough money, she will order me some real scent articles that look like dumbbells. I’m sure they will be easier for me to retrieve. Although I’m doing okay with the disks.

We take online training classes at Fenzi Dog Sports Academy. Here my mom and I learn how to do new things. And ways to better learn or perfect our foundation skills. 

Using a platform to practice my sit!

You may remember quite a while ago I told you about earning my TEAM 1 title. And I’m working on the exercises for Level 2. These are for the TEAM Obedience. And all done virtually. 

My mom and I are excited that they have recently added another Fenzi TEAM program. It is Rally TEAM! I think my mom and I are going to have fun and enjoy these new challenges. Because Rally was one of the favorite things my mom and Buffy did together.

Although she has told me she loves Obedience best of all. And has big dreams for us. I’m sure we can achieve those dreams. Because I am willing to work hard, as is my mom. And I am happy doing anything, as long as I am doing it with my mom!

Playing Tic Tac Tony with my mom!

As you know, with my recent AKC Trick Dog Elite Performer title I hosted a Game Night for my friends. My mom and I now have a new hobby. We discovered that we enjoy playing games together. 

And in preparation for us to submit a video for the AKC National Trick Dog Competition, we are learning a few new games. I’m sure you remember how much I love learning new things!

All of this sports dog-type training is fun. But it also helps with my service dog work. It increases my precision, helps me maneuver in tight spaces, and keeps my responses to cues quick and accurate.