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If you read my post last week, you know that we were in New York City last weekend. I had a wonderful time. But I got a little dirty. 

We did lots of walking in the city. Being a big busy city its streets and sidewalks are dirty. Which got me dirty. But my mom wasn’t surprised because she knows that cities can be like this.

My mom wiped my paws, legs, and underbelly every time we came in from being outside. She used special paw wipes that are thick. And have a soft orange scent. But it wasn’t quite enough to keep me completely clean.

So when we got home I was very much in need of a bath. My mom told me the bath was to wash away the city dirt. Although I wasn’t so sure I needed one. 

Waiting for my dad to begin my bath!

I didn’t think I felt dirty enough for a bath. But my mom and dad didn’t agree with me. So Monday morning my dad bathed me. I will admit that there was more dirt than usual that washed off from me. And it did feel good to be squeaky clean!

As you know, I go everywhere with my mom. This includes many public places where we encounter a lot of people. It would be frowned upon if I were dirty and smelly. This means I get baths fairly often.

My dad massaging in the shampoo!

I don’t mind having a bath. My dad uses warm water to get me wet. And then massages me all over as he works up a lather with the shampoo. Which feels good.

I’m patiently waiting for my dad to rinse off the shampoo!

After rinsing off the shampoo he uses a shammy towel to absorb the excess water. And then he lets me shake. This is my favorite part because water droplets fly all over the room. Even onto my dad!

My dad rubbing me with the shammy towel!

The next part is my least favorite. I get into a grooming enclosure. And my dad turns on a big blow dryer which is loud. The enclosure has a wire floor so the air can circulate to make the drying go quicker. 

A big blow dryer to get me dry!

Just as soon as I am dry, my dad lets me back into the house. This makes me very happy because my mom is there waiting for me!

This time of year is the usual shedding season for dogs. Although my mom says I lose fur all year long! But probably much more during the spring and summer.

The Zoom Groom brush my mom uses on me!

My mom brushes me every day. Sometimes twice a day when I’m shedding. This helps to get out the excess fur. Which minimizes the amount that ends up on the floor. And on my mom’s clothes.

To loosen my fur she uses a Zoom Groom. Which is a rubber curry-type brush. It has rubber nubs that work well for getting out my undercoat. My mom tells me she could make another whole dog with all the fur I lose. But I tell her that dog wouldn’t be as awesome as me!

A cute dog my mom made with my fur!                                                                                                                                  But not as cute as me!

My mom takes good care of me. And makes sure I always look my best! Even if it involves a bath that I’d rather not have. Although I do always feel refreshed after a bath. And I know being clean makes me look spiffy!