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I have a new little sister! I’m not sure I was wanting another sister. And my mom wasn’t planning on another addition. But here she is. And we love her already!

A couple of weeks ago, after my mom and I got home from the dog show, she started packing some overnight bags. I was helping her with the packing, especially my bag. Since I didn’t want her to forget anything of mine! 

I wasn’t sure where we were going. But it didn’t matter because I would be with my mom. And that always makes me happy. No matter what we are doing.

Napping in the van during the long ride!

So early the next morning, my mom’s friend, Deb, came to get us. We loaded everything in the van. And off we went on our adventure. My mom told me we were going on a road trip to get my new sister.

It was a very long drive. I slept while my mom and Deb chatted. They never seem to run out of things to talk about. Even when they are together for days at a time.

Hotel beds are comfy!

We spent the night in a hotel. I like hotels! We had a leisurely morning the next day. Except my mom seemed a little bit excited. Which I didn’t understand why. But soon found out.

The hotel had fun Halloween decorations!

While waiting outside of the hotel, a car pulled up. My mom handed my leash to Deb and went toward the car. What was she doing? Was she okay without me? I watched carefully while Deb reassured me that my mom was fine.

Then all of a sudden there was a puppy. Was this my new sister? She was a beautiful blue merle, Australian Shepherd. Just like my sister, Roo.

Tetra meeting my mom!

My mom was petting the puppy and talking with the lady. She looked cute but I was confused. Why was my mom paying attention to another dog?

After a little bit, my mom came back to me. I was so relieved to be with her and ready to meet this new pup. She seemed sweet. We sniffed each other and she nuzzled my neck. 

I love my big brother, Clint!

My mom told me her name is Tetra and she will be coming home with us. But wait, mom… I’m not sure I want a little sister. Although I do trust my mom. So maybe it would be okay.

After another very long drive, we were back home. It was late, so we did quick introductions. And everyone went to bed. I thought maybe she would be gone when we woke up. But I was wrong. She was still there. And so very happy to see me when she came out of her crate.

I love my big sister, Roo!

Being a puppy, she has lots of energy and likes to play. Especially with me. So my days are filled with helping my mom. And some extra play time with Tetra. 

I’m also working on teaching her some things. Because you know that puppies have a lot to learn. Especially how to leave me alone when I’m helping our mom.

I thought you might enjoy hearing a few thoughts from Tetra…

Clint asked me if I wanted to share a few things with the readers of his blog. But I wasn’t too sure about this writing stuff. I had never done this kind of thing before. But he reassured me that our mom would help me.


As Clint said, they met me at their hotel a couple of weeks ago. I was as confused as he was regarding what was happening. Even though I had been on lots of adventures with a variety of people while I was with my first mom, this felt different. But it felt right. 


When I met my new mom, she talked softly to me. And gently petted me. She looked different. And was in a chair that moved. But she was kind. And I liked her right away. 


After we all talked for a little while, my first mom put me in a crate in my new mom’s van. This felt different and a little scary. But she reassured me that everything was okay. And told me to go do great things.


We went for a very long ride. It was comforting to have Clint in the van with me. And before we knew it, we were home. It was late, so I quickly met my new family members. And then we all went to bed.


Me and my new mom!


It has been a great couple of weeks. I am settling in and getting used to my new routine. I’m learning some of the house rules. And how to wait my turn to get treats. Because at first, I was sure I should get all of them!


I am only seven months old, so very much a puppy,, with lots of energy and a short attention span. But my mom says I’m doing awesome.


I am learning all about my big brother, Clint. And my two big sisters, Roo and Buffy. They each like to play in different ways. I think they like me. Although they all say I’m a pesky little sister!


I have been doing some fun training games with my mom. She says she wants to do obedience and rally with me. And trick dog training, too. I don’t know what all of that means. But I’m ready to learn new things. I’m sure my mom and I will have fun!


I’m already making my mom laugh. When I want her attention or if I want to do some of those fun training games, I put my paw on the treat pouch that is on her chair. And look adoringly at her. How can she resist my sweet eyes? She can’t… so we either play or do some training.


I have only been here a short amount of time. But I am happy and love my new family. Especially my mom!

My irresistible sweet eyes!

Thank you, Tetra, for sharing some of your thoughts with my readers. You did great for the first time! Maybe you can make some guest appearances on the blog. As long as my readers agree!

Tetra has only been with us for a couple of weeks. But I must say my mom was right. Getting a new little sister has been a good addition to our family. Even though she is a pest sometimes!