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Earlier this week, I got a new service dog vest. And I’ve already worn it a few times. That is because my mom was quick to make the needed adjustments. Although she still needs to sew on a couple of patches. 

Soon after coming home with my mom, I did the post… Service dog vest adaptations! I told you about the adaptions my mom needed to make to my vest. And how these were different than what she had to do when Buffy got a new vest.

Do you remember what she had to change on my vest? It was the buckles! 

The standard vest comes with a plastic buckle. Which is very hard, actually impossible, for my mom to manipulate with her limited strength. Especially with the amount of loss she has had in recent years.

The magnetic buckle that my mom originally used on my vest!

So with my new vest, she again replaced that plastic buckle with a magnetic one. Although a different style than she originally used on my first vest. 

That is because, during those first few months of wearing my vest, she did some searching to see if there were other styles. Something that might be lighter in weight but work similarly.

I’m sure it won’t surprise you to hear that, after much searching, she found a new buckle to try. She ordered one, and once it arrived, she put it on my vest. 

There were some differences with this new buckle. But overall, she liked it better. It is lighter in weight so my vest doesn’t slip to the side as it did with the heavier buckle. 

The newer magnetic buckle for my vest!

The magnets of the newer one catch fairly easily when put near each other. But my mom has to double-check to make sure it is secure. Unlike the other one that connects securely as soon as the magnets get close to each other.

Since the magnetic buckle was working so well on my vest my mom thought one might work just as well on my collar. But she wanted something less bulky. 

While searching for the magnetic buckles for my vest, she saw another type of buckle made by the same company. One that seemed perfect. 

The magnetic side release buckle for my collar!

This one is a magnetic slide release buckle. It is flat and slides to the side to release the magnetic connection. Since it is flatter than the one on my vest my mom thought it would be better for my collar.

My mom ordered buckles, webbing, metal slides, and D rings. And made me a brand new collar! This collar is the one I wear when I’m doing my service dog work. 

Since my mom likes to be creative, she recently made me another collar. This one has a mini-type magnetic buckle that is similar to the original one she used on my vest. And is just one-half-inch wide. Instead of three-quarters of an inch like my service dog collar.

The magnetic buckle for my newest collar!

This newest collar is the one I wore when I did my in-person obedience class a few weeks ago. And will be the one I wear when we go to dog shows. I could have just worn my regular collar. But my mom wanted a reason to make something with that new buckle!

The magnetic buckles on my vest and collar make it possible for my mom to dress and undress me independently. Because otherwise, my dad would have to do this. Which my mom would appreciate. But she is grateful that she can do it on her own.

You might notice that my new vest looks different than my previous one. There are a few things that have changed. It is embroidered on the side instead of having the patch. The color has changed slightly. But the biggest change is the logo. 

My new vest with the magnetic buckle!

Some companies, businesses, and organizations make changes to their logos for one reason or another. This is done for various reasons. Each is unique to those making the changes.

Initially, it can be challenging to adjust to new or different things. But no matter what the logo is on my vest, I am still the same exceptional service dog. The mission of the organization is the same. As are the same high standards.