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Each year the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists (ACVO) offers the ACVO National Service Animal Eye Exam. This is a free eye exam for working dogs. Since I am a service dog and have the job of helping my mom, I qualify for this event. 

Registration takes place during April. And then the participating doctors do the eye exams during May. My mom registered me on April 1st and then scheduled my exam date. Which was this past week, on May 27th.

A dog’s version of an eye chart in the exam room!

Do you know what an eye specialist is called? If you said an ophthalmologist you are right. They specialize in diagnosing and treating diseases and disorders of the eye. There are ophthalmologists for both people and dogs.

For several years my mom took Buffy for the exam. But due to Covid, the event was canceled these past two years. So Buffy missed her last exam as a working dog in 2020. And I missed my first exam in 2021. 

Have you ever been to an eye doctor? My mom gets her eyes examined annually. So I’ve been to appointments with my mom. Although this was the first appointment that was for me. 

Waiting patiently for Dr. Mosunic!

After checking in with the receptionist, my mom and I waited in an exam room for the doctor. My mom was so happy to see Dr. Mosunic when she came into the room. They hadn’t seen each other for three years!

I was happy to see her, too. Because you know how much I love people… even doctors! I wagged my tail and gave her some kisses. She told me I was handsome and she was glad to meet me. But she also said that she missed seeing Buffy. 

Dr. Mosunic checking m eyes!

Since this was my first eye exam I wasn’t sure what to expect. But I was quite sure I would be fine. Because nothing scary had happened to my mom during her exams. Although the equipment Dr. Mosunic had did look different from anything I had seen before. Especially the headgear she was wearing on her head.

But it didn’t look too scary. Until she started getting close to me. And then I wasn’t so sure. I decided it might be best if I backed away. And moved behind my mom. I was a little bit unsure and knew she would keep me safe. And she did. 

Holding very still for my exam!

My mom talked to me and told me everything was okay. Dr. Mosunic let me look at the equipment. She even let me touch it with my nose. And gave me treats. She was very patient with me.

After I had checked out the equipment I was very brave. I sat quietly and held very still while Dr. Mosunic examined my eyes. I even let her put drops in my eyes and check the pressure. My mom said I did much better with this part than she does when they check her eye pressure! 

Checking the pressure in my eyes!

My eyes were clear and looked very healthy. There were no signs of cataracts or any other diseases or disorders. Dr. Mosunic said my eyes looked perfect!

My mom says we are very fortunate to have a participating veterinary hospital not too far away from us. Portland Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Care, where Dr. Mosunic practices, is only a forty-minute drive for us. She is grateful that Dr. Mosunic willingly gives of her time so that working dogs can get a free eye exam annually. My mom is especially grateful that Dr, Mosunic is accommodating with available appointment times so my dad can give us a ride.

I loved meeting my new eye doctor! Dr, Mosunic and her staff were very kind to me and my mom. The ACVO Service Dog eye exam is an event that we are looking forward to attending again. I can’t wait to see Dr. Mosunic next year!