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This week I got to see my veterinarian for my annual exam. And I’m happy to report that I am healthy!

My sister, Roo, and I got to go together, on the same day. Buffy had her appointment a couple of days before us.

Roo waiting with her dad!

As a service dog, I must be healthy and in good condition. This is so I can easily perform my job. And do all of the tasks my mom needs me to do.  

This was only the third time for me to see my veterinarian. This means there has been nothing concerning going on that would require a trip to see my doctor. I wish my mom was as healthy as me!

When I first came home with my mom, I went to see my doctor so we could meet each other. About a year ago I went for my annual exam. And then again just now for this year’s exam.

After my mom and dad checked me and my sister, Roo, in with the receptionist, we had to be weighed. They have a special scale, so we just had to walk onto it. 

Checking my weight!

Everyone was impressed with how well we stayed still while being weighed. They said many dogs are resistant to step on the scale or are too wiggly. But not us!

When my mom and I became partners, they told her my ideal weight. And do you know what? I was exactly my ideal weight.. 58 pounds! 

At my annual exam, I have some blood drawn so they can check to make sure I don’t have heartworms. Or any tick-borne diseases. These tests were negative.

I was very brave!

I receive a monthly medication that protects me from getting heartworms. And also one that I take every three months to protect me from fleas and ticks. But they still check my blood annually to make sure the meds are working.

This year, they also took some extra blood to send away for testing. This is being done now so my doctor has a baseline to use for comparison later on. Just in case I develop unusual symptoms as I age. But it won’t be done routinely each year until I am a senior.

First, was checking my teeth. He said there was no build-up of any tartar and that they looked awesome! I’m sure it is because my mom brushes my teeth every day.

Checking my teeth!

My ears look clean and healthy. My heart sounds perfect. As do my lungs. And there aren’t any lumps or bumps or any skin concerns. 

It felt so good when he was rubbing his hands all over my body while examining me. I gave kisses and was wagging my tail. Because I was so happy!

I sat back and watched when it was Roo’s turn. Her exam went well. And her teeth looked awesome, too!

Buffy had her annual exam a couple of days before me and Roo. I stayed home so she could have a special day that was just for her. 

Buffy waiting for her turn!

Everyone was so happy to see Buffy. Especially our doctor. He said that she looks great for a dog who is 11 ½ years old. And other than some normal changes with aging she is healthy. 

When she got home she told me she enjoyed the attention from all of her friends at the vet hospital. But she is content to stay behind and let me go places. Because she is enjoying her retirement. And her quiet days at home. 

I love my vet! And he loves me, too!

So my mom got three glowing reports of how healthy we are. We are in good condition. And at our ideal weights. 

I already knew my mom was taking good care of us. But it was reassuring to hear it from my doctor. Because he is well trained to find anything that looks concerning. Even things my mom might miss!