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Hey friends! Have you missed me? I sure have missed you! I have been busy helping my mom. And haven’t had the extra time to keep up with my blogging. Although I have thought about all of you often!

I can’t believe it has been six months since my last post. It is definitely time to get back to more regular posts! Having said that, my plan, for now, is to do a post with updates at the beginning of each month. 

The past few months have been challenging for my mom. She has had some fairly big “bumps in the road” to climb over.  A few different health issues have caused these. But she feels like most of them are finally beginning to resolve. Although she recently found out that she has a few more ahead of her. 

We are sure the deck chairs are for us!

Even though my mom has been navigating these “bumps,” she has tried to keep up with my daily training routines. And those of Tetra, too. As you know, my sister and I love our training sessions. My mom knows keeping up with these routines is essential for us. And for her, too. However, some days have been more challenging than others!

Since Tetra is young and has only been with our family for a relatively short time, there have been many things that my mom wanted to teach her. Tetra has been learning some manners and tricks. She has also been learning the beginning foundation work, which she will need to compete in obedience and rally later. 


Over the past few months, Tetra has earned her first three AKC titles. She earned her Virtual Home Manners Puppy, Trick Dog Novice, and Trick Dog Intermediate titles. I would like to think I had a part in this, too. Especially since I’ve been such a good role model for my little sister. Even though she is a pest sometimes! 

At the bottom of this post is the video submission that my mom did for their Trick Dog Intermediate title. I wanted to also share their Virtual Home Manners and Trick Dog Novice videos. But my mom thought it would be too much. So I will give you the link to my mom’s YouTube channel. This way you can look if you want to. Click HERE to see all of the videos.

Patiently waiting while my mom is having a procedure!

Because my mom has had some limitations and excessive pain with her recent health issues, I have had to do lots of extra work for her. Which you know I love doing! The tasks I do for my mom are invaluable. In addition to the extra help around the house, I have been more helpful when we are out and about. Not surprisingly, my mom has had more appointments than usual. But she has not hesitated in going to these because she knows I am there to help in any way needed.  

My dad has made sure I’ve gotten plenty of exercise. And outside playtime with my sisters, Buffy, Roo, and Tetra. We frolic in the big yard and play fun games with each other.  My dad even throws balls for us, which we love. The best part is my mom sits on the deck and watches us! Which she enjoys because it makes her happy to see us playing and having fun.  

Getting my eyes examined by Dr. Mosunic!

In May, I did get to go have my eyes examined. And they looked perfect with no concerning issues! The ACVO/Epicur National Service Animal Eye Exam organizes the event. And local veterinary ophthalmologists donate their time. It is a free annual exam for service dogs and other working dogs.

Over the past six months, our schedule has been somewhat unpredictable. Some days are quiet, restful ones at home. While others are filled with appointments, diagnostic testing, and procedures. Even though these have made up much of the time, we did get away for a fun weekend.

A big apple in New York City!

Early in June, my mom,  dad, and brother, Eric, went to New York City! We had a fun trip and did a few touristy things. We also went to our planned dart event held at Madison Square Garden. It was great to get away and have a fun-filled family weekend. My mom said I was exceptional in navigating the city! 

Times Square!

As I mentioned above, my mom will have a few more “bumps in the road” to navigate in the coming weeks. But I know she is strong and will push through, especially since she has me to help her ease the challenges that each day will bring. 

I have missed blogging and keeping in touch with all of my friends. But as I said above, I have decided for now I will do a monthly post instead of my previous schedule of weekly posts. This will keep me connected with all of you and be a way for me to keep you updated on how we are doing. But it will be less time-consuming. This will ensure I’m there to do my job and help my mom.