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Hello, my friends! My mom and I are doing well. Overall we have had a good month. My mom had a few appointments and we did our regular errands. We also did a few fun things! How are you doing?

My mom’s appointments were her usual type with nothing out-of-the-ordinary. Although she did have one minor “bump in the road” this month. She had to take an antibiotic which made her a little bit sick. But my mom just pushed through like she always does! 

Hey friends, I found my mom a wheelchair!

I have a fun story to tell her that happened during a regular procedure my mom had done earlier this month. My mom has this procedure done every other month, so we have a good routine established. I always nap on my blanket beside her chair. When she is finished, I pick up my blanket and give it to my mom. Then we are ready to go.

This month, after my mom released me from my blanket, I started walking toward the other side of her chair. She was going to stop me but then she saw what I wanted to do. Lying on the floor there was a tiny cap from a syringe. I had heard the nurse drop it during the procedure. I was going to get it when it dropped but I knew I had to wait for my mom to wake up and be ready to go before picking the cap up and throwing it away in the trash can.

As the nurse watched me she was awed by my ability to pick up such a small object. She was impressed that I was aware that it had fallen and equally impressed that I remembered it was there and wanted to throw it away before leaving.  Doing my job comes easily to me so I never think about how others see me until they express their disbelief in my abilities!  

Napping under the table while everyone was enjoying their lunch!

As usual, we went out for lunch a few times with friends and family. My favorite time was when we went out to eat with my grammie! It was so good to see her since we hadn’t been together for a couple of months. I wiggled when I saw her and gave her lots of kisses! My grammie doesn’t drive anymore, so my mom’s uncle brought her over. It was also great to see him. Even my brother, Eric, joined us. Everyone gathered so that we could celebrate my grammie’s birthday!  

Waiting with my mom at the mall while my dad and brother were in a comic book store!

Another fun thing we did was spend an afternoon with my brother, Eric. My mom, dad, and I met him at the mall. We wandered around and went into a few stores. It was fun shopping with my mom, even though none of the stores had anything for me. After shopping, we went out to lunch. And then went to the bookstore, before heading home. 

Even though it is the beginning of May, most days have been colder than usual for this time of the year. We have had an occasional warm day here and there but they have been few and far between. There has also been more rain than usual, which my mom doesn’t like  But she is happy that it is rain and not snow! 

Tetra and I enjoy sitting on the deck with our mom! We are watching some birds while sitting in our chairs!

However this year we did have our biggest snowstorm of the season in mid-April! Which I and my sisters loved playing in. But my mom and dad weren’t quite as happy as we were! Tetra, Roo, and I romped through the snow in the big yard while Buffy sat back and watched. As she is getting older, it has become harder for her to navigate through deep snow.

I have an extra special celebration coming up this week. Since my monthly updates have been reflecting back over the previous month, I decided to wait until my next update to tell you about my celebration. It will give you something to look forward to for next month!