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Hey friends, this will be a short update. Our July was unusually quiet for me and my mom. We spent many quiet days at home, which was very welcomed since the past few months have been busy and challenging.

My mom had very few appointments which is not the norm for her. But this was very much appreciated. This coming month will be much busier with a lot of medical appointments. Some are regular-type ones. While others are diagnostic ones that will hopefully give some answers for the recent health challenges she has been experiencing.

Our summer here in Maine has been rainier than usual. But as the month progressed, there were occasional sunny days which was nice. On many of these sunny days, we all enjoyed some time outside. Sitting on the deck is a favorite place for my mom! My dad even let us run and play in the big yard!

Tetra and I are napping on my dad’s lap!

As I said above, our month was quiet. We had restful days at home. And a few errands here and there. Although we did do a few things that were enjoyable and nice. 

For one, my mom and I went to the LL BeanOutlet Store with her friend, Debi. It had been years since either my mom or Debi had been, so it was a great adventure. They had redesigned the whole area, so it took us a few minutes to figure out where we needed to go. But we eventually got there!

My mom was hoping there would be some fun dog things, but she only found a tug toy to buy. She tried on some jackets, but they were all too big. When we got home, my mom looked on the LL Bean website.  And much to her surprise, the jacket she liked the most was on sale, so she ordered it in her size!

Toward the end of the month, my mom, dad, and I went out to lunch with very dear friends. They were in Maine visiting family, so they came to see us. Everyone did lots of chatting while I slept. My mom was happy to see them! And they were glad to finally meet me!

Sleeping next to my mom’s chair during dinner!

My mom seldom goes out to dinner. But instead, whenever possible, she chooses to go out to lunch.  By the end of the day, she is tired, so it makes for a less enjoyable meal. Plus, her dietary limitations add some extra challenges. Although, occasionally, she makes exceptions.  

My dad, my brother Eric, and I went to a Mexican restaurant one evening for dinner. It was great to see Eric! I’m happy to say we had an enjoyable evening. Even my mom had a great time!

For me, I enjoy going out no matter when it is… As long as I am with my mom! Especially when we do things with family or friends. Like we did this month.

This past week the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy chose my sister, Tetra, as “Student of the Week”! You may remember that this is the online school where my mom and I have been taking dog training classes. FDSA has given my mom so many opportunities to grow and learn as a trainer. She loves all of her classes! Tetra and I do, too! 

The photo that was posted on the FDSA Facebook page!

I am so proud of Tetra. She has had some impressive accomplishments since joining our family! My mom has worked hard with her. And I’m sure I have influenced her as well. She is a great little sister, even though she is a pest sometimes! 

I do love playing with Tetra!

I hope each of you is enjoying your summer. And finding lots of fun things to do. Cherish the time you spend with your family and friends. And create some special memories together!