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Yesterday we celebrated the Fourth of July! It is a summer holiday where families often get together. Sometimes for family reunions. Or other types of big gatherings with family and friends. And sometimes just small gatherings.

To celebrate, there might be barbecues, outdoor games, and water activities. Or other events to attend, like parades, fairs, and fireworks! 

Did you travel or do anything special with your family this holiday weekend? Like other holidays, we had a quiet day at home. Just me and my family!  

Last year when I was in professional training!

This is my first Fourth of July with my mom. Because last year I was with my trainer. Well, actually, I was in the kennel with my roommates. But the days before and after the holiday, I was working with my trainer, learning the skills I needed to become a service dog. And the year before, I was with my puppy raiser.

The Fourth of July is a celebration of the independence of our country. And is sometimes called Independence Day. It is a national holiday, so people often have the day off from work. 

With my job of being a service dog, I work every day! And never have a day off. But that is okay. I love working and helping my mom. I give independence to my mom every day. So for us, every day is Independence Day!

This is a good holiday for me to reflect on some of the ways I give my mom independence. Because of the many tasks I perform, my mom can live each day to the fullest. And be independent! 

Happy 4th of July!

I am always close to my mom and ready to help. If she drops something, I’m right there to pick it up for her. And when she needs the cupboard doors, drawers, or refrigerator door opened, I’m eager and willing to help. And I can even get us in and out of the house by opening and closing the door.

Without me, my mom would have to wait for my dad to help her. Or give up doing many of the things she loves. Because they would be too challenging to try on her own.

But with me, she never hesitates to do anything. Or venture out on her own. I give her confidence and a sense of peace knowing that I can help in any situation we may encounter. Whether it be opening doors, picking up things she drops, or getting her jacket unzipped and taken off.

She is always telling me how special I am. And that I make her life so much easier and better! My mom thinks I make an ordinary day extraordinary. But for me, I’m just doing my job! And loving every minute that I’m with my mom! Because, to me, she is the one who is special.