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Do you go away on vacation with your family? As you know from my post last week, I am on vacation with my mom, my dad, and my brother Eric. 

Enjoying the view with my mom!

It has been very fun and exciting to be away. But even though we are on vacation I’m still working! Because my mom still needs my help.

I’ve done many of my regular tasks. Like picking up things that my mom drops and helping her take her sweater off. And one of my favorite things . . .  flushing the toilet! But also some different tasks that I don’t get to do as often.

I get to push lots of elevator buttons! And there is even a new type of button that I’m pushing for my mom. It is at the crosswalks and when pushed. it lets you know when it is safe to cross the street. 

And you know what? There is an automatic door button for me to push . . . right in our room! Which has made it very easy for me and my mom to leave the room o our own.

I love pushing that automatic door button so much. I have pushed it a few times even when we were staying in the room! Since I just couldn’t resist! 

I told my mom we should get one installed in our home. But she said that might not be such a good idea. Since she is sure I would push it way too often! 

We have done lots of walking. We have gone on many bus rides. And went for a ride on the Skyliner. Which was different and fun!

On the bus with my mom!

But there is one mode of transportation here at Disney World that I’m not fond of. It is this thing called a Monorail. When the doors open it makes a sound that scares me a little bit. 

We tried riding it a couple of different times. But I told my mom that I didn’t like it. And she listened to me. Which I’m sure doesn’t surprise you. She takes good care of me and cares how I feel. And I do the same for her!

We have also gone out to dinner in a variety of different restaurants. Due to Covid-19 my mom and dad hadn’t been out to eat in a restaurant for fifteen months. That is a long time!

Sleeping while at a restaurant!

And as you know I’ve only been with my mom for seven months. That means we hadn’t been out together in a restaurant yet. So my mom wasn’t sure how I would do. But, not surprisingly, my behavior has been perfect. Every single time!

We have had busy days in the parks. Doing lots of walking and looking in shops. And going on some rides. Although there are only a few that my mom and I can ride. 

On my favorite ride!

I did have a favorite ride! It was the Nemo one. I loved watching the fish scenes. And especially loved going to the aquarium areas after the ride. Watching all of those fish was fun!

Watching the fish with my mom!

My mom and I spend lots of time relaxing in the shade while my dad ad Eric do the rides. And in the afternoons we go back to our room for a rest. Since it is hard for my mom to do too many things in a day. And be in the sun for long. And I need rest time, too! 

Resting in the shade!

My mom also has had some visitors here in our room. Which has been a nice break from our busy days in the parks! And I got to meet new friends! People friends and dog friends!

Along with meeting my mom’s friends, I have also met many other friends. I have visited with many different kids, given lots of kisses, and have shaken hands with more kids than I can count. Not surprisingly everyone loves me!

I’m not sure why these friends didn’t interact with me!

My brother, Eric, went back to his home yesterday. We are missing him! And we are nearing the end of our vacation, too. My mom and dad have started some packing. 

In a few days, we will be leaving, very early in the morning, to start our long drive back home. It will be sad to leave. But exciting to know that we will get to see my sisters, Buffy and Roo, soon!