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Did you know that I can go into any store? Even ones where dogs are not normally allowed? That is because I am a service dog. And I am trained to do tasks. But I can only go with my mom. Since the tasks I do are specific to my mom’s needs.

That means that I wouldn’t be able to go places with my dad by myself. Even though I am a service dog. Because he isn’t disabled like my mom. And doesn’t need help with daily living skills.

During Team Training, nearly a year ago, my mom and I went to a few different types of stores with our trainers and classmates. This was so we could practice my tasks in different settings. Along with becoming comfortable working in stores together. 

My mom loves books. And my dad does, too! So it isn’t going to be surprising to you that their favorite place to go shopping is a bookstore. But I would have to say my favorite place to shop is the pet store!

Shopping at the bookstore!

Because of Covid-19, I have only been on a few pleasurable shopping trips. Although I still have gone on plenty of other shopping trips. But those have been for essential items. Like groceries, personal care items, and prescriptions.

As you know, last weekend we met my grammie for lunch, to celebrate my mom’s birthday. So this weekend we went to the bookstore for my mom! And got take-out to bring home for supper. Two special celebrations for my mom. So much fun!

When going to a bookstore my mom and dad almost always come home with a new book … or two or three! And today was no different. They each got some books. 

And my mom also got a couple of things for me! I’m sure you are wondering what I would be getting at a bookstore. 

This is what my mom got me!

Are you curious about what we will be doing?

Recently my mom and I completed some AKC Trick Dog titles. Which I’ll tell you about in a future post. But for now, I’ll just tell you that there is one more Trick Dog title we can do.

It is one where my ten tricks have to be put together to form a story. And use props for at least five of them. So she bought some things we need. This is exciting because it means I’ll get to learn some new tricks!

You might think that it is boring for me to go to a bookstore with my mom. Well, I can assure you that it is not. Since I am patient. And well trained. Waiting is easy! 

Resting while my mom looks at books!

While she is looking at the books on the shelves, I just lay down and rest. And then when she moves to a different section I get to stretch my legs before laying back down.

And you know what else my mom does? Sometimes she will even do a few training exercises with me in between her browsing. That part is extra fun for me! Most of all, I just enjoy being with my mom no matter where we go or what we are doing.