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I have something my mom calls a “take-along” bag. It is always with me and my mom. I’m sure you are wondering what that is. And what it is for.

It is a small backpack that hangs on the handle of my mom’s wheelchair. And contains a variety of things that I might need when we are out in public. Some I use regularly. And others are just in case types of things!

My “take-along” bag!

So, what types of things would be in a “take-along” bag? And what would I need when I’m away from home? Especially during an outing to do errands. Or when going to an appointment for my mom.

Some things in the bag are there for my mom. Things she might need when we are out and about. Although just a few. Since most everything is for me! 

The bag mostly has various types of tugs. These ensure that I will be able to open almost any type of door that my mom and I encounter. Because there isn’t any consistency with door styles.


Tug with a magnet and tug with a suction cup!

For public restrooms, some stall doors are metal. While others are not. So I need a tug with a magnetic attachment. And another with a suction cup. These are so I can pull the stall door closed for my mom. 

Every door to doctor offices, exam rooms, and the single-use restrooms we use have lever handles. But the style of the handle can differ greatly. So we need various options that will work on almost every door we encounter.

Tug with the plastic hook!

My mom has the plastic hook with a tug rope attached. Which she has shown you before. This hook will slide onto a couple of different widths of lever handles. But a few doors still need a different type of tug.

So my mom also has a tug rope that she can loop around the base of the handle and onto the lever part. Which works for a variety of handles. And for a few doors, she needs to use a nylon sleeve that slips onto the lever part, with an attached tug rope for me to pull.


Tug rope to loop onto the lever and the nylon sleeve with attached tug!

My mom has some wipes, in case I get dirt or something sticky on my fur or paws. This might happen when I lay under the table in a restaurant. Because sometimes a previous patron spills something on the floor that doesn’t get cleaned up. Or some crumbs get stuck on me.

In the backpack, there is also an extra collar and leash. Which are just-in-case items. And my favorite item is a small container with extra treats! This is there just in case I use up all of the ones in the treat pouch that is on my mom’s chair. Because I wouldn’t want to run out of treats!

My collapsable water bowl!

Attached to a zipper on the backpack, my mom has a collapsable water bowl for me. One that she can fill with water while we are out. Either with water from a bathroom. or with water from a bottle that is attached to her chair. This way I’m able to have a drink if I get thirsty while we are away from home. 

Also attached to my mom’s chair is a little waste bag dispenser. This holds a roll of poop bags. And another little bag that holds a container of Musher’s Secret. Both of these things are just in case I need them.

Sending my love to all of you!

So in my “take-along” bag, most items are used fairly regularly. Like the different tug ropes and their attachments. And other items are there just in case they are needed. 

My mom always wants to be prepared. Especially since many of these items increase her independence. This is because they make it possible for me to do the tasks that make her life easier!