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There are many types of doors I can open. Although I haven’t told you much about this task yet. Or the ways I do the different types of doors. But I do have some upcoming posts that will give more details on each. For today, I will tell you about some doors at the grocery store. 

Have you ever thought about the refrigerator and freezer doors you see in a grocery store? And how challenging they could be for a person who uses a power wheelchair?

Grabbing the tug rope!

The door needs to be pulled open. And then my mom needs to maneuver her chair in close enough to reach the item she wants to get. But the space is quite small.

If she tries to pull the door open on her own she isn’t in a very good position to get her item. And trying to maneuver her chair while holding the door doesn’t work all that great either.

This is where I can help my mom so that this whole task becomes easier. And more manageable!

I haven’t had a chance yet to tell you much about the different types of tug ropes and attachments that I use. And do plan to share more about these in the future. Although Buffy did speak of them often so you may remember.

The door hook with the attached tug rope!

My mom has a plastic hook with an attached rope. This works perfectly for the refrigerator and freezer doors in the grocery store On one end there is a curved hook-type part that easily attaches to those doors. 

A close-up view of the door hook!

When my mom gets it on the door she tells me “tug” and I grab right ahold of the rope. And pull that door open. I can hold it while my mom maneuvers her chair close. 

After my mom gets the item she needs she backs away. Then when she tells me “drop” I let go of the rope. Sometimes the door closes on its own. But sometimes I have to push it closed. Once it closes she takes the hook off the door. 

Then we continue on with our shopping trip. With me ready and eager to help with the next task! Because not much slows my mom down. Especially with me right there by her side!

And you know what? I’m even learning a new task! One that I will use when we are shopping. I hope to share it with you soon!

One of my adoring fans asked me if I could include videos that show me working. I got my dad to video us at the grocery store. Here I am opening a freezer door. And there is even a segment of me doing it in slow motion!