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Did you know that I’m a “bridge” to a community of people for my mom? The people that we encounter when we are out and about. That sounds kind of strange… doesn’t it? 

In a weekly email newsletter that my mom subscribes to, they have started a monthly WordPrompt. It will be a single word that is to be used as a prompt to create a blog post. 

My mom asked me if I would like to try using the suggested word for March.  The word was… bridge. And I immediately knew how to connect it to me and my mom. So I said yes!

But March became busier than we expected so I’m just getting to do this post now. And I am hoping I will be able to do another post later this month with the suggested WordPrompt for April. As long as it is a word that I can connect to me and my mom in some way.

So back to the word bridge. It has a variety of different meanings. But for the context I am using it in bridge means… to make the differences between two groups smaller or less significant. Or in other words, making a connection between the two.

I keep a close eye on my mom even when people pet me!

As you know, my mom uses a power wheelchair for her mobility. And a ventilator to breathe. Because of these, she looks different. And to some, it makes her look less approachable. Or even someone they should avoid.

Oftentimes people can feel uncomfortable around someone who looks different. And they may look away. Even though they might want to engage with the person. They don’t always know just what to do. Or what to say. 

This is where I become the bridge! I have beautiful yellow fur and soulful brown eyes. I look friendly. And I am approachable.

Which provides an easier way for people to make that initial connection with my mom. They may tell her that I am handsome. Or ask my name or age. And quite often, they are curious about my job of being a service dog.

I am handsome and help my mom to be more approachable!

My mom enjoys talking with people. Especially when it involves talking about me! Because she loves sharing the many ways I help her, both in public and at home.

Since she feels it is important for people to know the many ways a service dog can give independence to a person with a disability. Interacting with people allows her to do this.

She also loves to help people become more comfortable around a person with a disability. And let them know that she can do most anything she wants. Albeit a bit differently than it would be if she didn’t have a disability.

My mom is always saying that not much will slow her down. Especially with me by her side! I give her the confidence to venture out. And provide the help she needs in an infinite number of ways. 

So when my mom and I are out in public we are seen as a beautiful working team. I provide that bridge to a community of people so my mom feels included. And not different or excluded. 

Instead of looking away, people look … and smile!