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Sometimes my mom and I go places by ourselves. Well, not all by ourselves because my mom can’t drive. But we do go places just the two of us by using Paratransit. 

It is a transportation service that my mom uses often. Which I will tell you about in an upcoming post. But for now, I will tell you how I make it easier for my mom to leave home.

When just my mom and I go, she needs help with the front door and the gate. Our front door goes out onto a small deck. And off the deck, there is a ramp. My mom uses this to get to the driveway.

My mom does a great job maneuvering her wheelchair. But the space is limited on this part of the deck. So besides opening and closing the front door, I open and close the gate.

Opening the front door from the inside!

For the door, I tug it open from the inside. And once my mom goes through, I pull it closed from the outside. On the inside, I have a tug rope attached to the lever handle. And on the outside, a tug rope is attached to a suction cup on the door.

Closing the front door from the outside!

And for the gate, I do the same. Although opening and closing the gate are somewhat different because of its shape and placement. But I am a pro at this since I do it so often!


Opening and closing the gate!

The biggest challenge for me when I was first learning to close the gate was having my mom facing down the ramp while I was facing the other direction toward the gate. I had always been beside my mom with us both facing the same direction.

Tugging the gate closed for my mom!

But with some guidance and encouragement, I soon knew just what I needed to do. Because you know how eager I am to learn new things. Especially when it will make it easier for my mom. 

With me by her side, my mom never hesitates to venture out on her own. She knows that I am ready and willing to help in an infinite number of ways. My mom also knows I can always get help if she were to have a problem with her vent or wheelchair.