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Labor Day is a national holiday. One that is celebrated each year on the first Monday of September. It pays tribute to our American workers. 

It is a day of rest for many. Some businesses close. While others stay open. And some workers have the day off. While others go to work. 

Since I am a service dog and have a job, it seems like I should be included with the workers of our country. Don’t you think? I work every day! People and dogs have a variety of different jobs. And each is just as important as another. 

For my job, I do tasks for my mom. Things like picking up dropped items, opening or closing doors, flushing the toilet, and helping with the laundry. Which gives her joy and independence. And makes me happy!

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Labor Day is often thought to be the unofficial end of the summer. People start preparing for the upcoming change in seasons. Summer activities end as fall ones begin. And kids will go back to school. Either just before Labor Day or after.

Has your school year started yet? Or will it start after Labor Day? My schooling or training happens all year long! Which is just fine with me. Because I love learning new things!

When my mom was a little girl, school always started the Tuesday after Labor Day. But in more recent years, schools often start a week or two before. Which seems to make the summers feel even shorter!

So on this holiday, as I reflect on what Labor Day signifies, I have to say that I love my job. I am grateful to be a working dog. And helping my mom every day!