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Hey, friends! How are you doing? For me and my mom, we are doing great. We have been enjoying the somewhat cooler temps that September brought. Although there still were some hotter and more humid days than my mom would have liked.

It is hard to believe that our summer is coming to an end. But my mom and I do love the cooler temps of fall. And the beautiful fall foliage colors. My mom says that fall is her favorite time of year! Although she doesn’t look forward to the cold, snowy months of winter that follow.,

September was filled with lots of appointments and various tests for my mom. We used our local paratransit several times a week. I spent much time resting quietly and keeping my mom company while she had her testing done. 

Resting during a very long test my mom was having!

Each test would rule out one thing but led to the need for another to check out something else that was found. Finally, it was decided that overall everything was okay. The best news is that my mom doesn’t need the anticipated surgery!

However, along with the good news, there came a new “bump in the road” for my mom. She hurt her left arm, which is her better arm. This has slowed her down some but also allowed me to help even more. 

I think we need to encase my mom in bubble wrap to protect her fragile body. This has been a hard year for her regarding the physical injuries and pain. But she keeps pushing forward. And tells me she would be lost without my help. 

The beautiful birthday flowers that my dad and I gave to my mom!

Last month I mentioned that there were to be some special celebrations in September. The first was my mom’s birthday! My dad and I got her some beautiful flowers and some cute Jiminy Cricket items. He is her favorite Disney character. My dad and I also took her out to lunch to celebrate.

The other celebration of sorts was the third anniversary of the partnership with my mom. On September 21, 2020, I first met my mom and the other students who were in her Team Training class. We became partners on the 22nd. And on October 1st we officially graduated as a team. It has been an amazing three years with my mom!

When my mom and I first knew we were partnered together!

But along with the anniversary of our partnership comes another anniversary. That of Buffy’s retirement. This happened as my mom left for Team Training to meet me. So the excitement of a new partnership was shadowed with sadness for the end of her working relationship with Buffy.

But Buffy has fully embraced her retirement. And loves getting treats while watching me do all of the work! She is doing amazingly well at nearly 13 years of age. I think she loves retirement as much as I love working!

I love keeping Buffy company when she is resting on the couch!

My mom shared about our partnership anniversary with her Facebook friends. I want to share with you what she posted…

Three years ago today, Clint and I graduated from Canine Companions NER as a new team. Since becoming partners, we have learned to dance as one, building a strong relationship and an unbreakable bond.

Clint has given me the confidence to venture out without worry, knowing he will be there to push automatic door buttons and elevator buttons, open doors, pick up dropped items, and do anything else I might need.

During these past three years, my abilities have declined, but Clint has eagerly learned new tasks that help make my days easier. Adjusting when new limitations are imposed is challenging, but Clint has helped give me the needed resilience to push through, even on the hardest of days.

There are not enough words to express the profound effect Clint has had on my life. I am in awe daily of how much he does to help me and the vast range of tasks that he is capable of doing. The execution of each task is swift and effortless. He is always eager to work and loves to learn new things.

I am grateful for everything Clint does to enrich my life and help me maintain my independence. His enthusiasm and endearing personality make me smile and bring me so much happiness. He easily makes an ordinary day extraordinary!

Thank you, Clint, for choosing me. And being my partner on this journey. It is an honor to have you by my side. I look forward to what lies ahead for us. And all that we will accomplish together. Love you, sweet boy!

Thank you, Emma, for raising this precious boy! You helped make it possible for me to receive this priceless gift of independence.

My mom and I do have a very special relationship and bond. I am grateful that I can provide her with so much independence. And also do so many fun things together. I think we are a perfect match! 

My little sister, Tetra is still a pest but doing great. My mom continues to teach her new things while I supervise. I often get to demonstrate skills so Tetra can see how to do things properly. Even though she can be a pest I do love her. We especially love playing together!

Tetra and I love playing tug together!

I will be back next month with updates about things we have done in October. And share with you some more special celebrations that will be happening in the coming weeks. I hope you have a fun month. And find beauty all around you!