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It has been another quiet month with not much going on. Although, we did have a couple of celebrations. I will share them with you in a minute. But first, my updates.

I feel like my monthly updates are predictable and not very exciting. But that is a good thing. It means my mom is doing good healthwise, which makes me happy. And there are no challenges she is facing at this time.

Well, there is one. It is not a challenge but a disappointment. My mom will not be getting a new wheelchair. Due to the criteria of her insurance, they won’t cover the chair she needs. Instead, they would cover a chair with fewer features, which wouldn’t meet her needs.

My mom pursued the potential avenues to change the outcome, but this was unsuccessful. So, she will get some much-needed repairs done on her current chair. And replace a few things that are worn out or tattered and torn. 

I love sitting in my dad’s chair!

As usual, we went out for lunch a few times. Both with family and friends. As you must know by now, my mom enjoys going out to eat! Even though she doesn’t eat much, she enjoys the social aspect of going out.  For one of these lunches, we met my brother, Eric. I wiggled, wagged, and gave lots of kisses because I was so excited to see him!

We also did our usual errands. And my mom had a few appointments with her doctors. But just her regular type appointments and nothing unexpected.

The celebration for this month was for my little sister. It was Tetra’s 2nd birthday! She is still a pest. But I do have to admit that she is growing up and not quite so pesty! And I love playing with her when I’m not busy helping my mom.

Tetra’s 2nd birthday photo!

My mom attended a private training class with Tetra this month. They went each Tuesday for a half-hour session, which they both loved. My mom said the things they worked on were beneficial for her. And for Tetra, too! I don’t like attending classes, so I was okay that my mom did these with Tetra and not me. 

At the very end of the month, we celebrated Easter. My mom, dad, and I went to mass, as we do every Sunday. Our priest loves me and always comments on my exceptional behavior. Later in the day, we had Easter dinner at home with my brother, Eric. I love it when he comes to visit!

Our weather has become quite wintery when it is supposed to be spring. But I have enjoyed having some snow to play in with my sisters. Especially since we got mostly rain all winter. 

I love the snow!

I hope your month has been a great one. And the month ahead will be filled with special moments spent with friends and family!