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I have a short update for February. Not much has happened since my last post. This is a short update to go along with the shorter month of February! Although, this year was Leap Year. So, that means there were 29 days instead of 28 days! But only one extra day for the shortest month of the year.

Restaurants are always a good place for me to nap!

Mid-way through the month, my mom’s friend, Deb, and I went for a long ride. We went to take my grammie out to lunch. It had been a long time since we last saw her. So we were all happy to be together. When I saw her, there were lots of wiggles and wags! And kisses, too!

This month, we celebrated my dad’s birthday! My dad got presents. And cake and ice cream, too. But he didn’t share any with me. We got to go out to lunch twice. Once with my mom, dad, and me, The other with the three of us and Eric, too. 

Watching my mom in case she needs my help!

It was an uneventful month for my mom! As some of you know, this past year was challenging for my mom. She had a few “bumps in the road” to climb over. Even though she kept her upbeat attitude and pushed through, it was a long year with endless health challenges. My mom still has some lingering effects from these issues, but they are much more manageable and tolerable. She keeps telling me that it feels good to feel good! 

We only went to the hospital twice. Once for the regular procedure that she has done every other month. The other is for the Patient and Family Advisory Council meeting, which meets monthly. She has been a member of this council for more than 12 years! 

Although it has been a quiet month, my mom has kept up with my training and daily practicing of skills. She does some of this training at home. Other times, my mom finds opportunities to work on extra things when we are out doing errands. I must stay sharp on all of my skills!

My beautiful little sister, Tetra!

My mom got two more AKC titles with Tetra. One was the Virtual Home Manners Adult title. She got the puppy version of this title a year ago. Maybe that means she is growing up and has some manners! 

The other was the Virtual Scent Work Beginners title. This title was new to my mom. She and Tetra did some training and practicing before doing their videos. My mom read and reread the regulations to ensure she submitted everything correctly. And was very happy when she heard they had qualifying searches. They will work toward the next two levels in the coming months. Some of the searches for these need to be done outside. And it is too cold for them now, or at least for my mom!

Overall, it has been an easy winter. Other than a couple of storms, we had lower-than-normal snowfall. And warmer than usual temps. Although my mom and I are still looking forward to spring with the warmer temps!

Taking a nap!

I hope each of you has had a great February. And found something special to do on the extra day! For us, we had some fun playtime in the big yard while playing chase!