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I got to continue sharing my love again this week. Although it was in a slightly different way. But my love and kisses still brought smiles! 

This week didn’t go quite as planned. And involved a few unexpected days. But my mom and I got through the challenges. Because we had each other!

My mom was distracted. And for a few days, she was on the phone way more than usual. I sensed something wasn’t quite right. So I just stayed close and gave comfort as needed. Which involved snuggles and lots of kisses to wipe away her tears.

One morning my mom was making several extra phone calls. And then all of a sudden she was quickly getting a few things together for herself. And packing some dog food for my supper. So I suspected we were going on a road trip. 

I rested during our long drive!

Soon my mom’s friend arrived. And we were off. The ride was long. Which gave me a chance to nap. And time for my mom and her friend to chat. 

We finally arrived at our destination. Which I recognized as a hospital. Because that is a type of building I’m familiar with. After checking in, we made our way to the ICU. 

My mom talked with a couple of people. And then we were taken to a room. As we went through the door, my mom went right over to the bed. And much to my surprise, I saw my grammie. 

I knew right away she needed some of my love. I gently put my paws up on her bed. And gave her lots of kisses. She sure was happy to see me!

We stayed for a few hours. During which time I mostly napped. But I also got to give kisses and share my love with some of the doctors and nurses. Which you know I loved. And they did, too!

At one point, my mom and I had to go to the waiting room while they took my grammie for some tests. Everyone was busy with my grammie. But they did ask my mom if she needed any help.

She thanked them for asking. But she told them that we were just fine. Because she knew I could open that big heavy door for her. Which I did easily!

Even though I had plenty of naps during the day, I took another one when we got home!

It was a long day. But very much needed. My mom was so grateful we were able to go visit her mom. And I was, too! 

My grammie is still in the hospital. But she is in a regular room now. And is doing much better. My mom gets regular updates from my grammie’s wonderful doctor.

She is grateful that her mom has such a kind, caring, compassionate doctor. And appreciates the time he takes to call with updates. Because it is very hard for her to be so far away from her mom.

I’m sure we will be going to visit my grammie again in the coming days. Which is fine with me. Because I’m always happy to share my love!