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In addition to my monthly update,  I’m also going to share some thoughts on the advancements in technology. And the positive impact this has had on my mom.

Recently, my mom and I were at the hospital to attend a meeting. To get to the meeting we wind our way along hallways and some open spaces. In one area along the way, they have some old medical equipment on display. 

I’m sitting in front of the Iron Lung!

One of the things on display is an Iron Lung. This is an old-style ventilator that provided life support years ago. My mom remembers it as being extensively used in the 1940s and 50s during the outbreak of polio. But it is now largely obsolete due to there being more modern ventilators.

The ventilator that my mom uses!

With the advancement of technology, ventilators have become much smaller and more portable. With the Iron Lung, a person was confined in a large horizontal cylinder. The person’s head was outside of the cylinder while their body was sealed inside. This way, they could benefit from the cycling air pressure that caused the lungs to expand and contact.

Here you can see the vent hanging on the back of my mom’s chair!

The ventilator that my mom uses is compact and easily fits on the back of her power wheelchair. This gives her the ability to navigate her environment with ease. She is grateful for this because she does not want to stay still! She always says that not much slows her down for long! And I have to agree!

So you may be wondering what meeting we attended at the hospital. For over twelve years my mom has been on a Patient and Family Advisory Council at the hospital where my mom receives most of her care. The meetings are monthly. And before Covid they were in-person. As with many things, throughout Covid, and until just recently they were held virtually.

So as you can imagine, being back to in-person meetings has been a long time coming. And something that makes me and my mom very happy! We missed seeing our friends each month!

Sharing my love with a nurse during my mom’s appointment with her doctor!

Overall, this past month has been a quiet one for me and my mom. Fortunately, she has had just a few regular type appointments. With nothing major going on. A great relief for this time of the year!

Toward the end of the month, my mom had an evaluation to see about getting a new wheelchair. It was a long appointment, so it gave me a chance to nap. And as always, everyone loved me and complimented me on my exceptional behavior! The appointment went well. My mom is excited about the possibility of getting a new chair! 

My plan was to do a blog post mid-month. But it didn’t happen, even though it was a relatively quiet month.  Amazingly the days slip by with so much left undone! Maybe this month it will happen. But if not, know that I’m always thinking of you!