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This past weekend, my mom and I went on a mini-vacation. Along with my dad. And my brother, Eric, too. We went to New York City!

I suspected something was up earlier in the week when I saw my mom get out a few of our travel bags. I knew this only happens when we are going away. 

So I was sure we must be going on a vacation. And I was right. Although at this point, I didn’t know where we were going. 

I followed my mom all around as she was getting things organized. And helped her get everything she needed. I even put some items in the bags for her!

When she was packing my bag, I watched very closely. This was to make sure she didn’t forget anything. Because I knew I would want some snacks. And extra treats while we were away.

Sleeping in my favorite spot during our long drive to NYC!

When we left, we were in the van for a long time. My mom and dad talked and made plans while I slept. I knew I didn’t need to listen. Since I would be happy no matter what we did. As long as I was with my mom. 

It was a long drive, made a little longer than expected because of traffic. But we arrived safely. And not too much later than planned.

I was a little surprised to hear lots of city noises when we arrived. Because when we had left I wasn’t sure where we were going. 

Visiting NYC when I was with my puppy raiser!

But I quickly recognized where we were. Because I remember my puppy raiser bringing me to NYC when I was a little puppy. 

My mom kept telling me what an amazing job I was doing in the city. I wasn’t bothered by any of the loud noises. And I wasn’t distracted by any of the people or the dogs. Or even the horses. 

Well, maybe a tiny bit distracted by the little furry dogs we saw. They were very cute. And looked like windup toys that would be fun to play with!

Walking with my mom!

There were lots of loud noises. Like horns beeping, doors banging, loud city traffic, metal clanging, and people yelling. All of which I took in stride.

There were even loud trucks and city bus noises. The kind that used to scare me sometimes when I was younger. But I wasn’t scared at all this time. Not even a little bit!

Looking at my mom while we were hanging out on the NYC streets!

I even did fantastic with pottying in the street, just off the edge of the curb. We didn’t see a speck of grass the entire weekend. But that was just fine with me. I was a pro at pottying on the city streets!

I also did great with walking over the many types of grates and manhole covers that were on the sidewalks. And there were lots of them! I never once hesitated or tried to walk around them. I just went over them as if they weren’t there. No matter their size or texture.

So you are probably wondering what brought us to NYC. My brother, Eric, had bought my dad tickets three years ago for a dart tournament. An event that was taking place at Madison Square Garden in New York City. 

Madison Square Garden!

The tickets were a Christmas gift so they could attend in June of 2020. But with Covid, the event was canceled that year and also in 2021. So they were very excited that it was finally going to be held this year.

My mom and I had planned to just hang out at the hotel. But a few months ago she decided to buy a ticket for us. This way we could go, too. Because when she found out her favorite dart player, Peter Wright would be there, she wanted to go watch him.

My brother and dad are big dart fans. And watch most of the events on PDC TV. They even play in a local dart league. And just won first place for the season in their division!

The dart event was loud. Very loud. With lots going on. But I ignored everything that was happening around me. And slept the whole time. 

Napping next to my mom while she is watching the dart players!

My brother and dad were down in the front area, close to the stage. But my mom and I were in an upper section because of the wheelchair. But that was okay for us. We were comfortable and met lots of new friends. And had everything we needed.

When we were leaving, the most amazing thing happened. As we got off the elevator, my mom’s favorite dart player was right there in front of us. Peter Wright… right there in front of us! He is ranked the world number one in darts and is the current World Champion. Making him a two-time World Champion. I think my mom was in shock from disbelief!

He took the time to talk with us. And signed his autograph. He gave my dad some dart flights. And gave Eric encouraging words for pursuing his love of playing darts. 

Me and my mom with Peter Wright and his wife, Joanne!

We even got some photos with him. He was very gracious and kind. A moment in time that my mom will always cherish. And remember forever!

I was a perfect gentleman at the hotel. But I’m sure that doesn’t surprise you. I was always ready to help my mom when she needed me. Doing things like flushing the toilet, throwing away the trash, and picking up things she dropped. I even pushed the elevator door buttons.

Resting before we went out for the evening!

We had a fun weekend away. My mom said I did an awesome job in the city. Especially since we live in a small town. And this was a different environment for me. 

My sisters Buffy and Roo stayed home with a friend. They had a fun weekend, too. But sure were glad to see us when we got home!

Plans are being made for next year. I can’t wait to go again. I loved being in the city! Although I don’t think I would like to live there full time.