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Do you wear a raincoat when you go out in the rain? I sometimes wear mine! Especially if there is heavy rain. 

Although when it is raining, my preference would be to stay home. Well, maybe I should say it would be my mom’s preference since she doesn’t like to get wet. My grammie tells my mom that she won’t melt. But my mom isn’t so sure!

Sometimes we have to go out because my mom has appointments. Ones that she can’t miss or reschedule. So we dress appropriately and go.

I’m getting dressed and ready to go!

I wear my raincoat if the rain is going to be heavy. Or if we will be out longer than a quick run to the van. Because if my fur gets too wet, my mom says I get smelly. 

And according to my mom, people don’t like that wet dog smell. Although I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t like me. Except I guess they might not if I were smelly.

I don’t mind wearing my raincoat. It is lightweight and doesn’t interfere with my work in any way. And the best part is all the compliments I get while wearing it. 

Riding paratransit!

I wear my raincoat over my vest. And I can do all of my tasks while wearing it. Although my mom does take it off when we arrive at our destination.

While at home, I don’t need to wear my raincoat to go outside in the yard. But instead, when I come inside, my mom dries me off with a towel. She rubs me all over, which feels so good. 

Although recently, I did wear my raincoat when going out to go potty. We were having some heavy rain and high winds. It was raining so hard that I didn’t even want to go outside! 

Getting wet while mom takes my photo!

I just stood there and looked at my mom with sad eyes. I didn’t want to move. So my mom tried putting my raincoat on me. And you know what? It made me feel more comfortable in the rain. I quickly ran out and pottied.

So whenever possible, my mom and I stay home when it rains. But if we need to venture out, I willingly wear my raincoat. Because I certainly wouldn’t want to be smelly. And offensive to anyone.