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The family member who is most important to me is my mom. She is the one I take care of and am with all of the time. We are never really apart.

She cares for all of my needs. And we do fun training games together. We go to appointments and do errands together. We even sleep together!

Sometimes I play with my sisters, Buffy and Roo. And nap with them. Sometimes I do tricks for my dad. And sometimes I snuggle with my brother, Eric. But my mom is always nearby. 

I love my sisters, Buffy and Roo!

When my mom and I first came home, my dad and brother had to ignore me. It was important for me and my mom to strengthen our relationship before I interacted with others. 

But my mom and I soon had a strong bond. Which meant I could get to know my dad and brother. And form relationships with them, too. Although those are different than the special relationship my mom and I share.

Do you know why I need to have a relationship with my dad and brother? It is because I need to feel comfortable with them. And know they will always be there for me in case my mom can’t be. 

They would need to care for me if my mom were unable to provide my care. This could be due to extended hospitalization. Or some other unexpected reason. Like a long recovery at home from surgery.

Fortunately, it hasn’t happened since I’ve been partnered with my mom. But it is good to be prepared just in case. 

I love sleeping with my dad on his chair!!

Buffy likes to tell me stories from the past. Stories about things that happened before I came here to live. She recently told me about the time our dad took care of her. 

She said our mom had a very long hospitalization. Buffy was happy that she was able to visit every day. Although the time was never long enough, according to her.

Even though it was hard for everyone, Buffy knew she was safe and well cared for. She missed our mom greatly. And was thrilled when she came home. 

I told Buffy that it seemed like such a sad story. One that I hope I never have to experience. Because I can’t imagine not being with my mom. She assured me that I would be fine if it happened. 

I’m sure Buffy is right because, at this point, she has experience with far more things than me. But I told her I didn’t want to think about it. And would rather hear happy stories!