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A service dog has a very special purpose. That of enriching their partner’s life. And enhancing their independence. Both of which help them live each day to the fullest. And along with this, they provide companionship and unconditional love!

In Buffy’s book, “Blogger Dog Buffy! Service Dog” she told you she was destined to be a service dog. And she also shared parts of that destiny in various posts here on the blog. She fulfilled a special purpose!

Do you remember what destined means? It is when something is planned from the very beginning. So from the day she was born, there was a special plan for Buffy. 

And the same was true for me! So I thought I would share glimpses of my past that show the journey of my destiny being fulfilled. My journey of becoming a service dog! And fulfilling my purpose! Which in many ways has been very similar to Buffy’s journey.

In the planning of my future, there was great care taken in selecting my parents. Health evaluations, trainability qualities, and temperament. Along with the studying of pedigrees and genetics to find the best possible combination. 

I spent eight weeks with my birth mom and siblings. During which time our breeder caretaker cared for us. And exposed us to many age-appropriate experiences. 

Me with my brothers and sisters!

I loved my brothers and sisters but it soon became time for us to go with our individual puppy raisers. It was scary at first. But we each soon realized we were ready to learn new things and experience new situations! Ready to embark on that journey to greatness!

My puppy raiser mom and her family were awesome! They played fun games with me, taught me house manners and new commands, and took me on lots of fun outings.

But the time went by quickly and I was soon ready to make another change. There was a special ceremony where my puppy raiser and I met other people and dogs. These dogs were going off to college. Just like me! 

It was time for me to begin my professional training so I could get closer to that goal of fulfilling my destiny. I met my trainer and decided she was just as special as my puppy raiser mom! We were going to do great things together!

Here I am at college!

I finished up my professional training and yet again there was another change ahead of me. It is good that I’m so resilient. Because there sure were many changes during my first couple of years!

As you know, this change was when I got to meet my mom. And become her service dog. This was the destiny or special purpose that I had been working so hard to fulfill. 

When my trainer told my mom I was hers!

My mom and I have been together for nearly six months. And I’m here to tell you that it is the best change in my whole journey. Without a doubt, I’m here to stay!

But what I really want to share with you is what my mom did recently just for me. She had me dedicated to God by a very special friend of ours.

The Puppy Chaplain was the one who did this special dedication for me. She does special ceremonies to dedicate service dog puppies who are in training. As well as those who have completed their training and are now with their graduates. And she sometimes even does a litter of puppies before they go out to their puppy raisers.

The dedications are either done in person or from afar. Since my mom and I don’t live nearby, my dedication was done from afar. Although we sure would have loved being in the presence of this very special person!

Earlier this week we received a beautiful packet in the mail. It touched my mom deeply. And she even got a little teary-eyed when reading the dedication. Such a very special event for both of us!

My dedication!

My mom and I are at the very beginning of our service dog partnership. And have an incredible journey ahead and a destiny to continue fulfilling. My mom tells me that I am a blessing in her life. And the answer to her prayers. Bu,t if you ask me, I would say that she is the true blessing to me!

I am working on some upcoming posts that will show you a few of the ways I am fulfilling my purpose as a service dog. The tasks I do to help my mom. And the ways I make each day easier for her. I will even do some video clips of me working.

If you have any specific topics you would like me to talk about. Or ideas for future posts. Please just ask and I will add them to my list. Because I sure would like to share things with you that you find most interesting.