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This week I celebrate my second partnership anniversary! Can you believe it has already been two years! I guess I can. Although, in some ways, it doesn’t seem that long. But in other ways, it seems longer.

While reflecting over the past two years, I realize that my mom and I have become a strong team. We have learned the needs of each other. And what works best for us. And how to effortlessly work together. Even in challenging situations. 

But this did not come easily. In the beginning, it took time for me to adjust to my new home. And even more time for me and my mom to trust each other. Even though the bond and trust happened gradually, I willingly worked for my mom. Mostly because I knew my job. But also because I understood that a new partnership takes time to develop. And I really did love my mom! 

Although for those who are long-time followers of my blog, you already know this. Especially our struggles early on. Because I have openly shared my journey from the beginning. 

We have learned the strengths and weaknesses of each other. And the subtle signs for when we need support or encouragement. We understand the best ways to communicate, and we always are sure to listen carefully. Especially when we are learning new things. Or are in new situations.

The depth of a service dog partnership is like no other. My mom and I are together 24/7. Over the past two years, we have built a special relationship and deep bond.  This has been done through communication and trust.

My mom relies on me to do a variety of tasks. This is so she can maintain as much independence as possible. I rely on her to meet my needs. And keep me safe. 

I’m always ready and willing to work. Or provide comfort to her when needed. My mom is always there with encouraging words. And the support I need to excel at my job. 

Speaking of my job, I am flawless with my tasks. I effortlessly perform each one. And without a doubt, my mom knows I am willing and able to help her, no matter where we are or what we are doing. 

As my mom’s abilities have declined, I have learned to do new tasks. Ones that help her stay independent. Which allows her to do the things she loves. Even though some look different now.

This gives her the confidence to venture out. And find ways to live each day to the fullest. Our relationship is predictable. And comfortable. And with each passing day, our love grows deeper. We have become a strong team who dances as one!