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I have been retired for two years! How can that be possible? People say that as you age, it feels like time goes by more quickly. And I agree!

Since it is my second retirement anniversary, I thought it would be a good time to share an update with you. I find retirement very enjoyable. It is way better than I expected. Although I do occasionally miss going places with my mom.

You are probably wondering what I am doing with all of my free time. Mostly, I relax and lounge on the couch. I take naps. Lots of naps! I especially love when my brother, Eric, comes to visit. Because we sometimes nap together on the couch! 

My beautiful gray face!

The best part of retirement is getting treats while my brother, Clint, does all the work. Secretly, I’m supervising him to make sure he does everything correctly. Although he doesn’t know this. So please don’t tell him!

Even though I am slowing down as I age, I still enjoy romping in the front yard with Clint and Roo. Although I don’t move quite as fast as I used to. But I still have fun!

My mom ordered a new outside toy for us earlier this summer. It is called a HurriK9. And it is so much fun! She knew Roo would love it because she loves all toys, especially ones she can chase. But she never expected me to love it, too.

It is the best fetch toy ever! When my dad gets the launcher and rings out, I start bouncing. And I get really excited. More so than ever before. Mom should have bought this toy years ago!

When we get out in the big yard, I grab one of the rings and race around in big circles. And then I flop down so I can roll on my back. My mom loves watching me! But all of that running and playing makes me tired. So I take a few extra naps to get rested. 

We love the HurriK9!

Retirement has been good. But some parts are hard, too. In some ways, things feel different than when I first retired. Maybe because I’m getting older and realizing I won’t always be here with my mom.

I miss being the one who helps my mom. Clint is a good worker and is doing a good job. It comforts me to know my mom is well cared for. But I still wish it were me who was always by her side.

Sometimes when my mom is getting ready to leave, I watch closely. And reminisce about the many adventures we shared. Because we sure did do some amazing things together.

Not often, but occasionally, when I see Clint getting dressed, I think it should be me. I will push my way past him in hopes that I can go. 

Although I know that my aging body is not capable of performing the tasks my mom would need me to do. But that doesn’t stop me from wanting to go.

Napping on the couch with Clint!

So overall, I love retirement. Getting extra treats for just supervising seems like a good deal. And napping, whenever I want, suits me just fine.

My mom tells me how much she loves me. We snuggle and reminisce. She keeps me updated with the blog activity and tells me what my friends are doing. We still do fun little training games. She tells me I will always be her best girl!

Watching the youngsters playing!