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Our daily routines are usually fairly consistent. And not too busy. But some weeks are extra busy. This being one of them!

As I shared last week, my grammie was in the hospital. And our days were kind of turned upside down. But I’m happy to tell you that my grammie is home. And doing much better!

So in many ways, this week was a little more settled. And not quite as hectic. But still busier than usual. 

Do you ever have a paper due at school that is taking longer than you planned? Or that you are struggling with pulling all of the pieces together, so you can get it completed? That is how it has been for me recently.

For the past couple of weeks, I have been trying to get a post together for you. One that I had started earlier this month. But I just couldn’t find enough time this week to finish it up.

Keeping a close eye on my mom. Just in case she needs my help!

Since there has been so much going on for us. And I have been working overtime with doing lots of extra tasks to help my mom. Along with spending more time than usual comforting her. I feel like I have fallen behind on my blog.

But things seem to be settling down now. And my mom is feeling like our routine is getting back to normal. So I should be able to get my previously planned post finished. Along with a couple of others, I have been working on.

I’m sorry for a short, not very interesting post, this week. But I didn’t want to miss a week. Especially since it might have been concerning for you if you didn’t see a weekly post from me. And I didn’t want you to worry!