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I got a bath this week so I am very shiny and clean! Do you like to take baths? I get one about once a month. I am cooperative and stand still while I’m in the tub. But I have to admit that it isn’t one of my favorite things to do. My mom takes a shower every day. Every single day . . .  imagine that! How often do you take a bath or a shower? I sure am glad I am a dog and only have to have a bath about once a month!

My dad gives me my bath. He has a special bathtub that he uses just for washing dogs. After he gets me all wet he lathers up the shampoo. He rubs his hands all over my body to get the shampoo deep into my fur. It feels so good to have him massage me as he works to make sure I’m getting clean! 

Here I am all lathered up with the shampoo!

After he gets all of the shampoo rinsed out of my fur he lets me shake. I like this shaking part because the water droplets fly all over the room. And even onto my dad. I don’t think he likes this part as much as I do! He has a great big powerful hairdryer that he uses to get my fur all dried. While drying me he rubs me and brushes me. This makes my fur fly all over the room! It looks like a snowstorm of black fur! 

This is when my dad started to rinse the shampoo off from me!

I guess it is good that I only get monthly baths instead of daily showers like my mom. Mine are much messier and take a long time. But I do have to say that I think my shiny black fur looks its best right after my bath. My mom agrees! She also loves how soft my fur feels when I’m sparkly clean! 

It is of utmost importance that I am clean and smell good when we are out in public. It would not be very pleasant for the people around me if I were stinky and dirty. Being a Lab I shed a lot. I get brushed every day to help with the shedding. Sometimes even a couple times a day. My mom always makes sure she brushes me just before I get dressed in my vest so that any loose fur stays home!

When I get my monthly bath my mom also washes my vest and collar. My equipment must be clean, too. She puts them right in the washing machine so they get really clean but doesn’t put them in the dryer. They look better if they just dry on their own. She gently places them over the washer door until they are dry. 

Every once in awhile she has to wash my vest and collar in between the times I get a bath. When we are on the go more often than usual my vest will sometimes get a little dirtier or unkempt looking. Do you know what unkempt means? My mom told me it is when something is untidy or messy in appearance. I certainly don’t want to look untidy or messy! 

My mom takes good care of me! I am grateful that she makes sure I get regular baths and that she brushes my coat every day. She also cleans my ears and trims my nails every week. And you know what else she does? She brushes my teeth every day! Maybe another time I will tell you more about getting my teeth brushed and visiting my dentist.  

Sometimes I get a bath if there is something special planned that we will be doing. That is why I got my bath this week. This past Saturday my mom and I went to a local dog show. But I will wait until next week to tell you all about the show. But I will say . . . we had lots of fun!