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Hey friends!

It has been about six months since my last update about my retirement. And about a year and a half since I retired.

How does time pass by so quickly? It seems like I was working as a service dog, not that long ago. But here we are, a year and a half later!

I am still loving retirement. And have settled into a good routine. One that meets my napping needs. As well as making sure I have some special time with just my mom.

My fur is getting grayer, especially on my muzzle and neck. My dad says it looks like I have a beard! And my body is slowing down. But overall I am doing great.

Early on, I kept a very close eye on Clint, to make sure he was taking good care of our mom. He was young and sometimes did silly things.

My brother can be quite silly!

So I was a little concerned that he wouldn’t know what my mom needed. Or how to best meet those needs.

But he quickly showed me he had mastered his job. Which gave me peace of mind so I could fully enjoy my retirement.

Every morning Clint, Roo, and I get in our positions so our mom can brush our teeth. And after, she does a few tricks with all of us. This is a fun way to start my day!

But by now I’m tired. And I need a nap! Because as I get older I just don’t have the endurance I once had. Which I think is probably true for almost everyone as they age. 

Sometimes I nap with my brother!

I have always loved the winter. And playing in the snow. But this year, I found romping in the snow quite difficult. My body doesn’t seem as nimble as it once did. Which I guess is another sign of aging. 

But the snow is gone now. So I have had a few romps in the big yard with my brother, Clint, and my sister, Roo. Which has been fun. 

I usually chase Clint and Roo once around the yard. Those youngsters have an abundance of energy. And could play all day! But then I sit back and watch while they run and play. 

Although my favorite thing to do is roll around on the grass. So that is what I mostly do when we are in the big yard.

Sometimes my mom interrupts my nap so she can take photos of me!

I hope you are all doing well. And enjoying the posts that Clint shares with you each week. I have missed you! I especially miss reading your lovely comments. 

Although Clint does update me when important things are going on. Or if you share something he thinks I should know.  

So, friends, I am doing well. I love retirement. And lounging on the couch. But I am sure that getting treats while Clint does all of the work is the very best part for me!