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Hey friends! Have you missed me as much as I’ve missed you? I have been trying to write an update for you, but my mom hasn’t been able to help me. She is hoping we will be able to get back to our regular posting soon.

My mom has been dealing with a big “bump in the road” these past few weeks. And I’ve been working overtime helping her by using many of my service dog tasks.

The first Saturday in December, my mom started having some discomfort in her back. This quickly progressed to significant pain. We visited our local hospital’s emergency department the following morning. 

Napping during our long wait in the emergency department waiting room!

After spending a few hours there, they said they didn’t see anything other than three old compression fractures in her back. My mom told them that two of them weren’t old. And if they were, she had never been aware of them. But they didn’t seem interested in looking further and sent us home.

After another couple of days, we were back at the emergency department because the pain was unbearable. They repeated the testing and then agreed with my mom that two compression fractures were new. They looked worse than they did two days ago!

My mom has had a few appointments to assess what should be done. At this point, she is waiting for an MRI, which is scheduled for next week. This seems close, but it has been a long wait. As an urgent request, the soonest they could schedule it was about five weeks out. Everyone is busy!

Waiting to hear the results from the doctor!

After the MRI, my mom will see the surgeon. So not too much longer. My mom is hopeful that he will be able to work some magic and make her feel better!

Other than a few appointments for my mom and an occasional errand, we have spent most days at home. Due to the amount of pain my mom has, we haven’t been able to do our fun training games or usual interactive play with her. We have all missed this very much. We are looking forward to getting back to our regular routine. And less pain for my mom.

Overall we are doing okay. And my mom is enduring the pain as best as she can. Although it is disappointing for her to be missing this whole session of her online classes with Fenzi Dog Sports Academy. I’ve reassured her that Tetra and I understand. And we will be eager to do our training as soon as she feels better.

Looking at my mom to make sure she is okay!

Sorry for the long lapse in my postings and the lack of an update to let you know what has been happening. My mom is sure that when she gets this “bump in the road” behind her we will be back to our regular activities, including the blog!