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A few days ago it was my birthday! On May 7th, I celebrated my fourth birthday. Four years old already. My mom says time is passing by too quickly. But I told her not to worry. Because I’m still a youngster!

My mom thought I should wear Buffy’s birthday hat!

This was the second birthday I’ve had since being with my mom. Last year we were at Walt Disney World for my third birthday. So this year the celebration wasn’t quite as big. But it was still a fun day.

My mom made a birthday cake for me. It was in the shape of a dog bone. I shared it with my sisters, Buffy and Roo. We all thought it was yummy!

My birthday cake!

She got me a few presents… some dog biscuits and toys. Even though she thought I already had plenty of toys. But it is always fun to get new toys. Isn’t it?

My birthday presents!

We also got to go see my grammie. And take her out to lunch. She thought it was nice of me to go see her on my birthday. I love being with my grammie. So of course, I’d want to share my special day with her, too.

The ball is my favorite birthday toy!

I loved seeing my grammie on my birthday. I also loved sharing my cake and toys with my sisters. It was a fun-filled weekend of celebrations!

But the best part of all was just being with my mom. Because being with her, makes every day extra special for me. 

My mom is always telling me that I make an ordinary day extraordinary. But if you ask me, I would say that is what my mom does for me!

Being silly on my birthday!