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Not too long ago I thought it might be fun to create some pictures for you to color. I asked my mom and she, too, thought it was a great idea! Of course, I wanted them to be of me! This meant my mom had to find a way to make the coloring pages from my photos. She enjoys being creative so she loved the challenge of making this happen!

Do you like to color? When my mom was a little girl she loved to color. And even now as an adult she still enjoys coloring. I have never tried coloring but it sounds like it would be fun and relaxing. I wouldn’t be able to hold a crayon or colored pencil in my paw because I don’t have thumbs. Although it might be a fun challenge to try! Instead, I bet I could hold it in my mouth!

Some dogs hold a special kind of paintbrush in their mouth and paint unique abstract pictures! Isn’t that cool? I think I might enjoy painting. Maybe my mom can help me so I can try doing this.  It sounds like fun! And who knows… I might be quite creative with a brush and paints!

My mom knows about a dog who has become quite famous for his painting. His name is Dagger. But better known as DogVinci! He was being raised to be a service dog like me but he chose a different job that suited him better. We each have our own unique talents. Mine was being a service dog and for Dagger, it was being an artist!

 If you would like to read more about Dagger check out his Facebook page at  Dagger ll aka DogVinci or at Dagger DogVinci for his website. 

My mom created three pictures that you can print and color. Below she has put the photo she used to create each one. And also a photo of what your printed page will look like.

The first one is of me laying down with a stone wall as the background. If you would like this one you can click HERE to download a copy so you can print it. 


The next one is of me tugging open a great big door. I haven’t done a post for you yet about opening these kinds of doors but it is on my list for upcoming posts. If you want to download a copy of this coloring page you can click HERE.


The last one that my mom created shows me pushing closed the dishwasher door. I told you all about helping my mom with the dishwasher in my Doing dishes! post. To print this coloring page click HERE.


You will have to download each file to be able to print the coloring pages. To do this click on the ↓ that is near the top on the upper right side. After it is saved you can print it. The formatting is not correct if you try to print it before downloading it.

For those of you who are new to my blog, I have shared some other printables that you might like to check out. Or if you’ve been here a while and didn’t print those at the time you can go back and get them. In my post My “Paw”tograph! there is a printable page that has my name and pawprint. In my post Training plans and homework! there is a printable fill in the blank worksheet.