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Do you like to color? And do puzzles? I thought I would make some just for you! Since it feels like we might be about mid-way through summer, the timing seemed just about right.

There were a lot of changes at school, for many of you, over the past year. So I was waiting for you to enjoy some summertime fun before making coloring pages and a puzzle for you. Although this might be much more relaxing and fun than your homework!

Buffy has shared with me some of the different things she did on the blog. And one thing she told me was she made some coloring pages. And a few puzzles.

So I thought you might enjoy it if I made some for you, too. I’ve started with two coloring pages. And a word scramble puzzle.

When my mom was a little girl she loved to color. And she still does! She used to use crayons. But now she prefers colored pencils.

I thought it might be fun to try coloring. But my mom thought I should start by drawing. Do you like to draw? It was kind of fun. But I think I’ll let my mom do any of our drawing or coloring!

A drawing created by me!

My mom and I looked through the photos of me. And picked out two that we thought you might like. 

This first one is from when we were on vacation. It is one of my favorites. Because I’m giving my mom kisses! You do know I love her… don’t you?

To download the coloring page of me and my mom click HERE.

I wanted one of the coloring pages to be of a task I do to help my mom. Here I am holding her shoelace as we prepare to tie her shoes.

To download the coloring page of me helping my mom with her shoes click HERE.

For the puzzle, I’ve made a Word Scramble. You have to unscramble each of the words. And then take the numbered letters and put them on the lines at the bottom. This will make some new words. Something special I do for my mom!

A photo of what the Word Scramble page will look like.

When you print the Word Scramble there will be two pages. The puzzle page and an answer page. No peeking at the answers, unless you get stuck and need a little help. Click HERE to download the Word Scramble puzzle.

I have plans to make more puzzles for you. And coloring pages, too. Maybe I will be able to eventually put them together in a book. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Please let either me or my mom know if you are having difficulty downloading the coloring pages or the puzzle. The PDF files didn’t save and share the same way they had done when Buffy made coloring pages and puzzles for you. So we aren’t sure if you can access them.