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It can be disappointing and sad when plans change. Especially when the changes are beyond your control. Have you experienced feelings of disappointment and sadness? I think unwanted changes are happening more than usual right now. 

What are some of the changes you are experiencing? Ae you doing distance learning from home instead of being at school with your classmates? Or missing out on your sporting events or extracurricular activities? Or, like me, did you have a vacation canceled?

This coming week my mom, dad, and I were going to be leaving to go on a special vacation. And my brother, Eric, was coming with us, too. But do you know what we are doing instead? We are staying at home due to the cancelation of our vacation. This has created disappointment and sadness. Which is understandable. My mom told me that it is okay to feel sad sometimes.

We were going to Walt Disney World. We had been planning this trip for the past year. My mom, dad, and I were counting down the days, making dining reservations, and scheduling special events. It was sure to be fun and exciting! And I was even going to see my puppy raisers! But all of those plans will have to wait until another time. Maybe next year…

Dreaming of going to Walt Disney World!

What do you do to help ease the disappointment when your plans change? My mom told me there is a saying that many people refer to which is meant to encourage optimism when one is faced with adversity. There are several versions but I will just use . . .  when life gives you lemons make lemonade!

I am looking for ways to make lemonade with the lemons given to us with this most recent disappointing event. But as of yet, there doesn’t seem to be any lemonade nearby. I’m sure at some point the silver lining will surface. And we will make that lemonade!

Contemplating making lemonade!

There is an upcoming event called The Lemonade Conference which my mom is going to participate in. Due to COVID-19, two large in-person events were canceled. The two presenting organizations, FDSA and IAABC, worked together and created an online event. This is a great example of lemonade being made when life gives you lemons! 

This event is going to take place toward the end of May. And will feature dog trainers from around the world. I think it is awesome that my mom will be able to participate and have the opportunity to learn from so many gifted trainers. 

And you know what? Everything she learns she will be able to use to teach me new things. Or strengthen the things that I already know. It makes me happy to have something so special to be looking forward to!

As I’ve told you before I love working with my mom and learning new things. So we are both very excited and really looking forward to the opportunities this event will give to us! 

So along with the disappointment and sadness, there is also hope and gratitude! 

Holding a lemon for my mom!

We are grateful for our FDSA classes that we are working on right now and the new learning opportunities that we will get to participate in next month. We know that our vacation to Walt Disney World will be rescheduled at a future date. And we will make it extra special when it does happen!