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My day starts early! When we first wake up, my mom and I snuggle for a few minutes. And I give her lots of kisses since I’m sure she needs them!

Snuggling with my mom. Our favorite time of the day!

Then my dad gets my mom up and puts her in the shower chair. And my working day begins. My dad helps with her shower. And I get to help, too!

When they are ready, I get the towel off from the back of the toilet. And give it to my mom. A job my dad could do. But he is grateful to have my help!

Patiently holding my mom’s towel until she is ready!

Like my other tasks, I had to learn this one. And practice it so I would know the best way to grab and pull the towel.

At first, I sometimes would get surprised and just stop. Do you know why? When I tugged the towel it was getting caught on the toilet lid. Which made it fall. And created a loud bang!

But my mom quickly helped me feel comfortable if the lid fell. And even taught me how to open the lid in case it fell and needed to be put back up.

Opening the toilet lid!

My dad finishes getting my mom ready. And puts her in her wheelchair. At this point, I let out a big sigh of relief. I don’t worry per se when my mom is not in her chair. But I am much more comfortable when she is.

Even though my workday has already started, I look at having my mom in her wheelchair as the real beginning of the day. This is when my mom needs the most help. And I get to do the most tasks to help her. Which makes me very happy!