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Over the past few months, I have been getting fan mail! Do you know what fan mail is? It is when someone sends a letter to a person they have a special interest in or they admire. This might be a famous athlete or movie star or even an author. 

As you know I am the author of my blog and my book, Blogger Dog Buffy! Service Dog. Being an author has been exciting and fun!  But I didn’t think I would be famous. Although, if I am being honest, I was hoping I would have a few fans and maybe be a little bit famous! 

Remember in one of my earlier blog posts – My ‘Paw’tograph! – how I told you that my mom and I created an image with my name and my pawprint? I thought it was a good idea to have this just in case I was ever asked for my Pawtograph! And you know what? Much to my surprise, a few people have asked for my Pawtograph! I have both a rubber stamp and small business cards that have my name and pawprint on it. I love giving people my cards!  Because it makes them smile!

My Pawtograph!

Below I will share some of the emails that I’ve received from my fans…

“Dear Ms. Brenda and Buffy, I just wanted to congratulate you both.  It’s wonderful to see the love and respect you have for each other. Thank you so much for sharing with your adoring fans ❤️”

“Hey, Buffy – just read your book cover to cover! Love it! What a great job you did telling your story! I personally loved that you included Gehlken and Curly in it! I am going to recommend it to my teacher friends. And I even bought a few extra copies to share with them! You have a lot of important lessons to teach children just in the book itself but I think the best part is that kids can continue to learn even more from your online blog! Just wow! You are quite the educator! No surprises there!!”

“Hi, Buffy! I love your book and blog! Thanks for sharing. Seeing you and your mom going to dog shows has given me the motivation to try, too. I didn’t think I could do it because of my physical limitations. But seeing your mom out there in her wheelchair shows me that anything is possible!” 

“That is the most beautifully written non-fiction tale I’ve ever read.  You have been telling me about your amazing friend, Brenda, for a long time but this one gives me real joy, happiness for Buffy and Brenda, and hope that I too will find such useful ways to solve my problems.No wonder you like your good friend so very, very much. Thanks for sharing this inspiring story with me.”

I have also received some cards and letters in the mail! When my mom opens one of these and reads it to me she gets teary-eyed. This always makes me wonder why. So each time I ask her. And she tells me she is so deeply touched by the kindness and thoughtfulness of these people. But I don’t think she should be surprised. Since, in my eyes, I think they are just responding to the kindness she always shows! to others! 

Below are a couple of the notes I have received . . . 

This card came from the daughter of my mom’s friend. She got my book for Christmas! I think she is a great artist!

And this card was from my classmate, Aslan, and his mom (and dad). They are very special friends!

And you know what else? There is a whole classroom of students following me! The students in Mrs. Candy’s class from New London, CT are using my book and blog to learn more about me and my mom. I have even received some awesome emails from the students asking me questions! That makes me feel extra special and very happy! 

So I am sending a heartfelt thanks to all of you, my adoring fans, for following me. The outpouring of support has far exceeded my expectations.  Your encouraging words are motivating. And your thoughtfulness touches me deeply. Thank you for going on this journey with me. And please remember to share my blog with your friends so they can follow along, too!

This is my friend, Friday!