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In several past posts, Buffy has told you about the dog sports that she and our mom did together. And all of the training classes they took online.

Dog sports are similar to extracurricular activities like you might do. Activities that are outside of your schoolwork. Like playing basketball or taking music lessons.

For us, these classes are not part of the service dog work. But instead are classes that teach skills for dog sports. My mom’s favorite ones are obedience and rally. She told me she has big dreams for our future. That sounds quite exciting to me!

Before starting to compete in dog shows my mom and Buffy worked on a lot of foundation skills. These are skills that later help with the precision and maneuvering that is needed when performing in competitive events.

My mom has started working on these foundation skills with me. And I am loving the extra training we are doing. And the new things I’m learning. 

We are taking an online class at Fenzi Dog Sports Academy. This is the place that my mom and Buffy learned so many new things. And met a whole community of extra special people. 

Because I am a new student at FDSA not many people know me yet. But I am sure my mom will share our journey with everyone. At least I hope she does! 

So back to this foundation stuff. And the classes at FDSA. My mom talked with Denise and asked for guidance on what path to take with me for classes.

They decided that my first class would be Give Props to Props: Getting Clean Competition Behaviors. And I have to agree that it is a good first class for me!

I’m learning all about where my body is in relation to my mom’s chair. And how to do these things called tucked sits and pivots on a bowl. And so much more!

Looking handsome on my sit platform!

We are nearing the end of our second week. And have four more to go. I am having so much fun. And already don’t want my class to end! But my mom said not to worry because there will be more classes to take when we finish these.

My mom thinks that these types of behaviors will help me be more precise in my movements when we do obedience and rally. But they will also be very beneficial to my service dog work.

When we are out and about we are often in narrow or tight spaces. I need to be able to stay close to my mom’s chair. And even sometimes I have to pivot my back feet while keeping my front feet still. 

This type of movement helps me maneuver with ease close to my mom’s chair. And all of that training we do in preparation for dog sports competitions enhances the quality of my service dog work. 

My mom says that I am a quick learner. In fact, she said I was so quick that she needed help with her mechanics. That means she needs to be precise with her timing and how she lets me know what she wants. And clear with her expectations so I know exactly what she is asking me to do. 

And there was a class being offered that was just perfect for helping my mom learn new concepts and improve her skills. It is Crucial Concepts of Competition – Shaping/Luring/Capturing and More! Isn’t that fun to know that my mom needs a class to help her get better for me? 

Do you like to explore and learn about new things? She says there are always new concepts to learn in dog training. And opportunities to improve known skills. For both humans and dogs! 

My mom found an awesome clicker to use. It is a ring and works perfectly for her. It slips right onto her finger and is easy for her to push. She told me it has made using a clicker so much easier! Yay, mom! 

My mom’s new clicker ring!

So this session at Fenzi Dog Sports Academy both me and my mom are each taking classes. Well, they are kind of both for me and my mom to work on together because I get to help my mom in her class. And she is helping me with mine. So maybe it is better to say we are taking classes together!